Stop What You’re Doing And Watch Weed Being Sliced Like It’s Fresh Bread


Check this out to see what it looks like to slice marijuana like it’s a loaf of fresh bread!

Mar 22, 2016

Most weed smokers have probably never seen this much weed in one place in their lives, but with weed becoming legal around the USA, it is abundant. There is so much marijuana being grown, without mentioning how high the quality is becoming, that slicing it is like slicing fresh bread. The amount of effort that is now going into growing marijuana to produce all kinds of marijuana products is exceeding the expectations of almost everyone.

This is a video of marijuana being “sliced” in a way most probably haven’t seen it happen before. It is happening in the X-Tracted laboratories, where they are slicing marijuana before using it to make extracts for dabbing. Check it out below.

It looks like so much fun!

While most of us are grinding our weed or finger chopping through our crumbs, there are some marijuana enthusiasts out there slicing it like it’s fresh bread. It’s probably almost as fun to watch someone do this than it is to be doing it yourself, but the marijuana is so densely packed that it requires being sliced like a leg of ham.

It looks like one of the most satisfying sensations to slice through a loaf of marijuana. Check out this thread to see them slicing up marijuana in the labs at X-Tracted Laboratories.

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Mar 22, 2016