Hilarious: Telling People They Smell Like Weed

There is nothing more awkward than walking into a room and being told by a stranger that you smell like weed.

Dec 4, 2015
smell like weed

There is maybe nothing more awkward than walking into a room and having someone announce to you how badly you smell of weed. But imagine being told by a stranger? That would just be an entirely new experience.

Well, the couple in this video make a point of going out into public and telling strangers they smell like weed. This entails interrupting strangers that are walking down the street or trying to get to class to tell them that they smell like weed. Well, naturally, some people receive it better than others!

“Dude, you know that shit´s illegal right?”

Well, they don´t just tell people that they smell like weed. They go at great lengths to tell them how illegal marijuana is, that it is a drug, and that in fact there is a police officer walking around the vicinity. Some people get properly freaked out!

One of the creators in this video even gets flagged as being the host of a YouTube comedy channel by one of the people he is trying to prank, and his joke gets called out. Another “prankee” gets defensive by suggesting that the smell might be because of his body odor.

Remember, just the smell of weed can put you in jail for a really long time!

“You look like a f**kn´ stoner, man”

Well, arguably the funniest part of this video is when the prank turns back around on the host. The man admits that the host himself looks like a f**kin´ stoner, and can´t believe he´s being harassed by him!

Well, these friendly guys admit to everyone they are in the making of a YouTube video, and everyone gets to see the joke.

Dec 4, 2015