#ThisThingRips Wants You To Shop Local And Save Your Scene

#ThisThingRips wants you to get back to your roots. The headshops of yesteryear are still alive, and local businesses need your support.

Sep 14, 2017

With the age of the internet, shopping has changed. Like vinyl shops of old, headshops used to be the center of the scene. Once havens for smokers coming together to ogle the latest gear, they are starting to fade away. Now, people isolate themselves at home and shop online, losing out on that unique culture. #ThisThingRips believes in that scene, and wants to help keep local businesses alive.

Old School marketing

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Most manufacturers compete directly with local shops. #ThisThingRips believes in supporting them. In fact, they go beyond simply sticking to local distribution. In an effort to support brick and mortar heashops, they’ve built an entire marketing department.

Combining old-school values with new-school tech, Cornerstone Marketing gives local businesses the tools to succeed. Their aim? To build an online presence for the stores that carry #ThisThingRips products.

First, when consumers visit their site, they are directed to the store locator, helping them discover their local business and everything it has to offer.

They also promote the retailers who carry their products on social media. Amazing merch, like t-shirts, backpacks, and posters, proves they know how to keep their customers happy. They even help shops bring in customers by designing window displays and graphics, and installing them at no cost.

Save your local scene

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Traditional smoke shops, lined with bongs and Marley posters, exposed many of us to the cannabis culture for the first time. They gave us a place to gather, to share, and to belong.

Keeping that scene alive matters to #ThisThingRips. They know that bringing a customer in for one of their products will lead to other purchases from the store, increasing revenue. Nothing beats the loyalty earned by the clerk behind the counter, who guides consumers to the best products. When they need more supplies, that bond will bring them back.

#ThisThingRips wants consumers everywhere to go and visit their local shops. Support the scene, the culture, and the community. In the age of big corporations, every dollar spent in the community helps support it.


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The guys at #ThisThingRips love concentrates, and offer a wide range of torches,  silicone goods, accessories, and vaporizers. Their latest innovation, the OG Four 2.0 earned the #1 vote in 2016 by Leafly for best vape pen.

You can check out all their cool gear on their website. But if you want to buy it, use the store locator and visit your local scene. You will enjoy the trip, make some friends, and maybe find a few other cool items along the way.

So go to #ThisThingRips.com, find your local dispensary or headshop, and stop by to get your own OG Four 2.0. Meet the owners, grab some other gear, and keep coming back.

Sep 14, 2017