Tommy Chong Talks The Truth About Trump


Tommy Chong reveals all about what he thinks of Donald Trump.

Feb 22, 2016

Tommy Chong is open about all in this video about American politics. In this video, he says what he really thinks about Trump and his policies, and why he is going to be voting for Bernie Sanders in the upcoming election.

In this interview, Tommy Chong says Donald Trump is a Republican’s karma, with Republicans getting everything they deserve with the rise of Donald Trump. Chong cleverly goes into the legalization argument, talking about all the things that could potentially change after the next election. Check out the video below to see Chong give an awesome speech about what he really thinks about Donald Trump!

The legalization of…

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Chong is obviously an advocate for legalization, but in this video, he goes into a little more detail. Chong talks about the legalization of a fair immigration policy, something that Trump would never support. He also talks about the legalization of a real living wage and equality for all.

Finally, Chong does mention the “other form of legalization that [he] cares so deeply about”. That is of course, the legalization of what he describes as “super medicine”, marijuana.

The plants are starting to bud

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Chong describes the American political situation something like the spring time, with the plants ready to bud. But he says that some plants are not mature yet, and require a few more growth seasons before they will be ready to harvest. Some are just done, their time is up and it’s ready to plant again. But some are just perfect, ready and ripe for the new solution in the USA.

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Feb 22, 2016