Get High & Laugh Your Ass Off At These Epic Ultimate Fails

If other people’s stupidity makes you giggle, then watch the 2016 Ultimate Fails Compilation for plenty of epic stupidity.

Jan 2, 2017

Mistakes happen and thank goodness they do. Although accidents happen to everyone, some people just fail at things. In fact, they fail so much that you can’t help but laugh, even when you shouldn’t. If other people’s stupidity makes you giggle, then check out part one of the 2016 Ultimate Fails Compilation in the video below.

So many fails

If you need an excuse to yell “fail,” then here you go. During the video by FailArmy, that’s all you will see is people failing epically. Not only are they hilarious, but some of them also look rather painful. Nevertheless, you’ll want to light up and watch every single one.

First, a woman gets knocked down by a massive wave. She’s yelling something, but by the time you figure out what she’s saying, she’s gone.

Next, you see a child on top of a counter holding what appears to be a laptop. Instantly, you know nothing good is to come from the situation. Of course, the kid drops the computer onto the floor, and you can hear his dad yelling “nooooooo!”

Further into the video, there’s an adorable little doggie with a can stuck on his/her face. Although the pup is stuck, that tail is still just a wagging. Then, in the next clip, a dolphin snatches up a lady’s tablet. She’s big mad, but the dolphin is still as happy as ever.

Fast forward to 5 minutes and 55 seconds into the video, and you’ll quickly realize something bad is about to happen. Not only is the dude resting on some stretchy bands, but he’s also lifting weights while in a man thong.

Jan 2, 2017