Check Out This Ultimate ‘When People High AF’ Vine Compilation

From Bugs Bunny to the beloved Snoop Dogg, chances are you’ll see at least one familiar face getting high AF in this video.

Dec 22, 2016

Of course, getting high is a fun experience in itself. But what’s equally enjoyable is watching people get high, especially when you’re already on cloud nine. In this Vine compilation, you can watch all sorts of characters getting high. From Bugs Bunny to the beloved Snoop Dogg, chances are you’ll see at least one familiar face in this video. Be sure to join them and check out the ultimate When People High AF Vine compilation in the video below.

 When you high AF

When getting high, people tend to act a little differently. Some people are chill, and some can get a bit odd. Nevertheless, witnessing someone getting high is downright entertaining. And watching them while they’re high is equally enjoyable.

During the Vine compilation byTrending Vines, you get to see the many reactions to weed from all kinds of people. First, 2 Chainz can be seen taking a massive bong rip, which immediately sets the right mood.

Then, as soon as you see the watch with the time reading 420 in the next clip, you know what’s up. The music starts playing, and a bunch of Snoop faces begins to fall, because what’s 420 without Snoop? If you love you some Snoop Dogg, you’re in for a treat with this vine compilation.

Did you know that animals also enjoy the herb? Apparently they do, and further, into the video, you can catch a glance at a monkey getting lit AF. Speaking of monkeys, fast forward to part 6:06. Someone went a little overboard during their wake and bake.

In fact, monkeys aren’t the only animals getting high in this video. There’s also a shark, a Rastafarian shark to be exact. However, this shark doesn’t want to harm ya – it just wants the ganja, man.

Dec 22, 2016