This Video Shows The Importance Of Keeping Dogs Away From Edibles

Dogs may be your best friend, but there’s no need to share your stash with your four-legged pal, as this video reinforces.

Jul 4, 2017

Even though dogs are your best friend, there’s no need to share your stash with your four-legged pal, as this video reinforces.

Don’t get dogs high

As of late, videos of dogs that are high have been posted to YouTube, which shows just what happens when canines dine on your edibles.

Now, while all of the dogs seen in the said clips are elevated, not all have been done on purpose, as some of these doggos that were “high as a kite” accidentally got into a stash belonging to one of their owners.

This is happening more and more frequently as cannabis becomes more accessible across the country – both recreationally and medically – making cannabis-infused edibles more popular than ever. It also means that videos of dogs that are high are being uploaded to YouTube more, too.

Featured in this video are Sam Smeltzer and his ten-year-old pup, “Rasko,” the latter of which ate some of Sam’s cannabis-infused coconut oil. But don’t hate on Sam, though, as it was an accident.

Dropped a small glob of THC coconut oil on the kitchen floor and before I could stop him he licked it up and this is the hilarious result. Don’t worry, after this I fed him pieces of my steak dinner and let him sleep on my pillow for the night so he was extra well taken care of after I stopped recording.

To all the haters, I love you like your parents never did. To all the people that thought this was genuinely funny and aren’t assuming malicious intent I love you too. The next morning Rasko was back to his normal self, after drinking an entire water bowl LOL.

The real problem is the kind of owner who purposely gets their dogs stoned, which is also seen in the clip.

While THC is not good for your dog, there is no doubt that CBD definitely is. Again, watch those stashes, as not only is the cannabis not good for your pal, but the other ingredients could be deadly, too, like chocolate.

Jul 4, 2017