Wiz Khalifa Gig

WATCH: Chaos At Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa Gig, 42 Injured

Check out the story and videos showing some of the chaos at a big Snoop/ Wiz Khalifa gig after safety railings collapsed.

Aug 8, 2016 - Lukas W

There was chaos at the Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa gig in Camden, NJ around 10 PM on Friday night. The railing in the front row that carried upwards of 100 people collapsed right in front of the two rappers, who scurried away right after the incident. 42 people were apparently injured and emergency personal either brought them to the hospital or tended to their minor injuries on the scene. 

Was the crowd too rowdy?

The BB&T Pavillion in Camden has a capacity of around 25,000 people, so the concert probably had a huge amount of excitement for Wiz and Snoop. Whether the railing collapsed from solely structural challenges is still a mystery, but a hyped up crowd could have made an already sketchy railing even worse.

Witnesses claimed that of the people involved in the collapse only had minor injuries. The situation was controlled by police and paramedics immediately following the medical care and evacuation of the railing. A couple of witnesses got some good footage of the scene which got retweeted by TMZ and other local news stations in New Jersey. Check it out below!

Do you think the BB&T Pavillion could get sued by a disgruntled Snoop fan? Let us know on social media or in the comments below!

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