Watch Wiz Khalifa’s Stoner Twist On Adele’s ‘Hello’

“Hello from the other side” has now become “Roll one up and let’s get high.”

Jan 29, 2016

Wiz Khalifa crushed it during his performance on Los Angeles’ Power 106, freestyling his own rendition to Adele’s “Hello” calling it “Hella O’s.”

Of course, Wiz’s twist on the popular tune was all about weed, but would you expect anything else from Taylor Gang? Probably not.

Roll one up and let’s get high

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It’s no secret that Wiz loves the herb because he mentions it about 8 times during the first 30 seconds alone. But according to Wiz, and well most cannabis enthusiasts, there “ain’t nothing wrong” with smoking weed. An activist in his own way? I think so.

Wiz is living the stoner dream

hello1 Am I Allowed To Take My Cannabis On An Airplane?
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Wiz has got about everything you could possibly need for the perfect smoking sesh. He has a grinder, a bowl, and of course, weed. He even has munchies to share… Who wouldn’t want to burn one with this legend?

We can only hope that Adele will join Wiz Khalifa to bust out this stoner anthem together. When asked if he could write to any beat Wiz responded, “I have to feel it.” Well, he was certainly feeling the beat this time.

Check out the video below for the full Wiz affect.

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Jan 29, 2016