You Need To See Tony Greenhand Make This 4.2 Pound Watermelon Joint

Summer is winding down. Did you get your weed & watermelon fix? This mindblowing watermelon joint will take care of both.

Aug 11, 2016

This watermelon joint is officially the most amazing thing I have ever seen! Watch our friend Tony Greenhand take party joints to a level most of us wouldn’t even dream of. Want to see what else this joint master is up to? Check out his Instagram.

Mind melting watermelon joint

Forget the Watermelon Crawl. Tony creates the world’s largest joint, a 4.2-pound behemoth made to look like a watermelon! Now they need to write a new song, “The Watermelon Blaze”. This is no easy feat. It takes time, tenacity, and a whole lot of weed to do something like this.

In order to accomplish this record breaking weed spectacle, he teamed up with She Smokes Joints and the CO2 Company.

People have already bet me; 14 souls said it can’t be done. Well, it’s gonna be done!

Dedication to his craft

What does it take to roll a joint of truly epic proportions? Start with a lot, and I mean a LOT of papers.  At over a foot tall, almost a foot wide, and an inch thick at the rim to keep it all inside, that’s almost a tree trunk. Greehand lays out papers stuck together in a line almost 8-feet long. Then, he widens it out.

Fast forward through what must have taken hours, and the final joint is amazing. But his secret to good airflow took over a dozen kebab skewers to vent the joint.

To smoke this masterpiece of marijuana engineering, he had to build it a stand. With funnel tube attached with papers poking out the bottom, he was a hit at this party!

Speaking of hits

Imagine what it must have been like to take a toke from this! Just to keep it lit took a torch. The smoke coming off it would give a whole room a buzz. The heat gets so strong, he roasts a marshmallow over the cherry.

Now we all have new dreams. Thanks, Tony Greenhand. Watch the epic video below!

Would you, could you roll a joint this big? With this record tucked away, what will he do next? Share your ideas on social media or in the comments below.

Aug 11, 2016