Is Washington DC Set To Become The New Amsterdam?

The final episode of Weediquette takes a look at famous cities like Washington DC that have incomplete or “half-baked” cannabis laws.

Jul 9, 2016

Half Baked is the 8th and final episode of the “Weediquette” series by VICE, hosted by Krishna Andavolu. This episode takes Krishna into Washington DC to get a grasp on the incomplete cannabis laws the district has brought upon themselves. He seeks the perspectives of locals, entrepreneurs, and law enforcement, all identifying key problems with DC‘s cannabis regulation. 

Washington DC has half-baked laws

Krishna compares Washington’s new loophole-filled laws to the famous cannabis capital in the Netherlands, Amsterdam. Where incomplete legislation led to the population transforming the city into a marijuana haven for growers, sellers, and tourists. For over 40 years, Amsterdam has thrived off of the cannabis coffee shop strategy, selling thousands of euros worth daily.

Whenever cannabis legislation contains loopholes or unfinished regulation, someone in the market is going to be risking prosecution to keep the gravy train going. Whether it’s the cannabis deliveries to the coffee shops or the black market in Washington DC, the risk for these individuals is completely avoidable.

Simply employing comprehensive cannabis legislation that includes everything from growing to selling is what we have governments for. A job half done wouldn’t be accepted in any other workplace, so why should we accept it from our own government?

What do you think of the current laws in Washington DC? Can you see the similarities between their cannabis market and Amsterdam’s? Let us know on social media or in the comments below!

Jul 9, 2016