Weediqutte #4: The War On Weed

With a heavy focus on the war on drugs, this episode of Vice’s “Weediquette” is a great look into the effects of systemic racism and unjust laws.

May 21, 2016

The War on Weed is the fourth episode of the “Weediquette“, series by Vice, hosted by Krishna Andavolu. This episode focuses on the 1.5 million drug arrests that happen every year in the US. It breaks down both sides of the issue, with interviews from police chiefs as well as convicted felons, to get a broad picture on the reality of the war on drugs.

Both perspectives

This episode does a great job of breaking down the unjust treatments of citizens with regards to cannabis possession. It focuses on the case of Bernard Noble, a Louisiana local who was given 13 years in federal prison for being in possession of just two joints. Krishna visits Bernard’s family and friends to get a glimpse into what kind of man he is, realizing he was a hard working and honest man who didn’t deserve 13 years in federal prison.

Krishna also visits some local police as they enjoy an after-hours barbecue. While asking hard questions, Krishna gets answers that shift the blame to the system, rather than taking responsibility for obvious racism. Considering the police officers are the delivery method of the system, their answers were somewhat vague. They did mention the need for better education for youth to help them stay away from the illegal trafficking lifestyle.

What did you think of this episode? Does it properly show the flaws in America’s war on drugs policies and the impact they have on the population? Let us know on social media or in the comments below!

May 21, 2016