What type of “drunk” or “stoner” are you at a party? We all know someone on this alcohol vs. weed list.

It is always a big debate – alcohol vs. weed. But regardless of your choice, see if you can identify what type of drunk or high you are at parties.

May 28, 2015

Let’s be real – there is a big divide on who/what you become when you drink or smoke at a party. Because let’s be real again, barely anyone nowadays goes to a party without partaking in at least one substance.

However, there is not just one “drunk” or one “high” when you start enjoying yourself in a social setting. With this video, you can see the major types found at nearly every party – including yourself.

Even though the video does not represent those who enjoy both substances at once, you can imagine how these one-dimensional representations would combine depending on the respective cannabis- and alcohol-induced behaviors.

Which people do you typically see at parties, which ones are you, and which ones can you not stand? Probably all of them…

May 28, 2015