White Russian: The Crystal-Coasted Sativa Hybrid That Glistens With THC

Seeking an upbeat strain for some solo meditation or art projects? White Russian is the award-winning hybrid for you.

Aug 4, 2017

The White Russian just might be one of the most delicious cream-based cocktails around. But, it now has some serious competition: the White Russian cannabis strain. Fortunately, the new White Russian is less likely to make you vomit and is okay to mix with acidic foods. This strain is a popular hybrid created by the legendary Serious Seeds of the Netherlands. Here’s what makes this plucky hybrid so darn great.

Strain details

White Russian is a cross between White Widow and AK-47. White Widow is famous for its crystal coated buds and powerful hybrid high. AK-47 is a spunky sativa hybrid that is perfect for a morning time wake and bake. There’s no doubt that White Russian, the offspring of the two, has inherited some noteworthy qualities.

Powerful yet relaxing, you can expect high amounts of THC with this strain and, when grown with expert care, can produce up to 25 percent of the psychoactive. However, this flower is more likely to produce an average of around 16 percent. Samples with under 15 percent THC are best for novices, while this flower typically makes a great choice for those with moderate to advanced cannabis experience.

The aroma of this flower is sweet and skunky. Of course, the base of the aroma is that classic cannabis earthiness that provides some musk and funk to the aromatic flower. Some consumers find that this strain has hints of spice and some pungency, making it a bold selection. White Russian pairs well with citrus flavors, like oranges.

The White Russian experience

White Russian A 1 Believe It Or Not, Cannabis Prohibition Just Celebrated Its 80th Birthday
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This strain has been a winner for over the last decade. Not only has it won several awards, but it has wooed the hearts of many a cannabis consumer. This strain tends to have a happy-go-lucky kind of vibe coupled with a calm yet upbeat relaxation. In heavier doses, this strain can cause some drowsiness or sedation. Microdosing White Russian would be an excellent way to reap the lighthearted benefits of this bud.

Excellent for the afternoon, many consumers find that White Russian enhances creativity and provokes thoughtfulness. It’s easy to go inward after a little taste, cultivating a mellow introspection that’s perfect for quite individual activities.

Of course, this strain is also a great one to share. White Russian is euphoric and perhaps kind of silly, making it a fun addition to any social gathering. While it does have some gentle body-relaxing effects, the experience from this strain is largely head-centered. Expect some cerebral stimulation from this jolly green flower.

Why do people use White Russian?

White Russian A 2 Believe It Or Not, Cannabis Prohibition Just Celebrated Its 80th Birthday
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White Russian makes for a great strain for an afternoon picnic, some quite time reading a book, or even some fun mellow outdoor activities like cycling or a long walk outside. High in THC, this strain would also make for a good pre-dinner treat. The strain can enhance appetite and make food taste oh-so-delicious.

Medical cannabis consumers often pick up White Russian for relief from mental health ailments like chronic stress, anxiety, and depression. As a warning, high doses of this bud may cause dizziness and potentially worsen anxiety. This is especially true in new consumers.

Apart from mental health, chronic pain, headaches, and fatigue are three additional reasons medical cannabis patients love White Russian. Migraine sufferers may find this strain particularly enjoyable. Those hoping to wake up after a few puffs should be mindful not to over indulge, or else you may find yourself yawning and stuck on the sofa.

Aug 4, 2017