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culture | 12.05.2019

7 Embarrassing Things That Happened When People Were High

We’ve all been there and done something hugely embarrassing while high, but these seven stories from across the internet take the cake.

No amount of preparation can prepare some people for what happens when they use cannabis. Whether it’s the first time of the fiftieth, the effects of different strengths and strains vary greatly and can leave consumers feelings immensely different effects than they’ve felt before. Whether cannabis leaves us laughing or anxious, we’re prone embarrassing situations when experiencing these new sensations. However, some stories are more blush-worthy than others. These seven stories from across the internet will likely put any of your embarrassing moments to shame.

1. Mistaken identity

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It was last year, my boyfriend and I had just finished smoking in the car, we were about to go antiquing. For some reason that I cannot remember now, I had the very skunky bud on me, which isn’t that big of a deal here. Soon after entering the store I realized that I reeked of marijuana.

By this time, my boyfriend had already made a dash for the LP section, I didn’t notice because something shiny probably caught my eye… So I went up to the person whom I thought was my Joey and whispered into her ear; “I reek like weeeeeed” and that’s when I realized that the person to whom I am whispering to is a woman, and not my boyfriend. – ToothFairy420

2. The award for most embarrassing

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My school always has long award assemblies at the end of the year. And they are like three hours long! The only point in going is the fact you get your reports at the end of it, or you get an award. I thought I was just there for my report card so I just got really high.

After about an hour of sitting buzzing out a teacher comes up to me and says “What are you doing here? You’re getting an award!” The thing that went through my head was “OH, SHIT.” So, I follow the teacher to where I had to go.

To get your award you have to go on stage, shake hands with the Headmaster, and all in front of the whole school. And I was high as hell.

When it was my turn I stumbled up the stairs onto the stage. As I did I just heard all my friends just crack up laughing. Apparently, I didn’t have my shirt tucked in, which is uniform rules, and my socks were down.

I get my award and head to the other stage, thinking everything was great. Then I fell down the other stairs. The whole school cracked up laughing! – Hour

3. Nuggets for everyone

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I remember one time when my friends and I were going into KFC, we decided that we wanted to get, like, 15 pieces of BBQ chicken nuggets. Me, being stoned off my ass, misheard half the plan and couldn’t comprehend or understand anything. So what sounded like “fifteen” really sounded like “fifty” to me.

And yes, I wound up going inside the KFC and asked for 50 BBQ chicken nuggets. I got one of the weirdest looks ever. – Eaglez771

4. Red means stop

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I got high with a friend in my car, and driving back to our dorm we hit a stop sign. I sat at the stop sign for a full two minutes waiting for it to turn green.

My friend and I, both high out of our gourds, look at each other and realize that it was a stop sign, not a traffic light. – Lanfagerstrom

5. Dance if you want to

I had a joint rolled and decided to smoke it in my car and then walk back to the dorm. I was feeling real good and on the way back just put on my headphones listening to some damn good music and watching the stars.

It was late at night so there was no one around and when I was walking by the union some gangsta DMX song came on in my headphones and I got really pumped up when I listened to it so I started doing all the thug hand motions and mouthing the words and then I just said, “fuck it” and full on started dancing.

I was doing this for the whole song. When I finally looked up I noticed a couple of cleaning ladies staring at me through the window of the union cafeteria with a vacuum cleaner laughing their asses off at me. I just giggled and ran but it was so embarrassing to have someone watch my weird stoner rap performance. – Whatsideofthebox

6. Celebration

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Don’t ever get stoned before Easter brunch with your friend’s family…

I was in the living room, visiting (aka just watching TV because I was a little too baked) when all of the sudden my friend’s mom pokes her head out of the kitchen, looks at the 6-month-old baby sitting on someone’s lap in front of me, and does the typical, exaggerated, wide-eyed “Hi!…. Hi!…. Awww!…” while putting her hands up to her face thing that everyone does when they make eye contact with a baby.

The thing is, I sort of just completely forgot that there was a baby there. And there was this little glare on her glasses from the lighting that made it look like she was looking directly at me…

Her: “Awww… Hi! Hello! Hi”

Me: “Umm…. hi…..”  – SimpleGreen

7. Car troubles

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A few weeks ago me and a couple friends got stupid faded, and went to park behind the little town center in my town where all the kids hang out. We parked right next to some other friends, who were also really high, and we got out to talk to them.

About two minutes into our vapid conversation regarding free Slurpee day, I start tripping out. I locked my keys in my car and left it running!

So I call my parents and call AAA, only to realize my car isn’t on, the noise is from the car next to me, and that my car keys were in my hand. – The_Chosen_Bud

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