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5 Most Outrageous/Delicious Fast Food Items Of All Time

Check out this video to see what were the five craziest fast food items of all time (that you’ve probably forgotten about).

December 22, 2016
Written by Lukas W
Fast Food

We’ve all had those moments where we crave something different from a fast food joint. Well sometimes, your favorite burger or pizza restaurant will take things to the next level. Usually, they only last for a limited time and are met with plenty of attention/criticism. The vast majority of these creations aren’t something you’d order twice, but every once and a while, they hit a home run. Fans of the McRib know that these outrageous products can sometimes perform extraordinarily well in sales. But what were the craziest fast food items of all time that you’ve probably forgotten about? Check out the video below.

Fast food + seasonal creativity = publicity stunts

More often than not, fast food brands will attempt to make an item so extravagant that the media will start running stories on it. Not only does this get the attention of longtime fans of the restaurant, but it can also bring in new customers.

With newspapers and websites covering the new product, many potential customers could be exposed to the ads and start getting interested.

The public’s opinion on the publicity craving items often follows two possible narratives. Some will immediately be interested in checking out what it is and how it tastes. But arguably, the majority will laugh at the idea and never actually order it.

Because of past failures, certain fast food chains will do a limited run in a small geographic area. These tests can lead to either the expansion or discontinuation of the new products into bigger regions of the country.

This is the strategy that gave birth to the super popular McRib. After a successful testing period in the Midwest United States, the product became a worldwide success. The burger expanded into any country that had a McDonald’s chain.

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December 22, 2016 — Last Updated
Written by Lukas W
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