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culture | 01.01.2022

Take A Moment To Admire These 11 Gorgeous Ganja Girls On Instagram

Indeed, there are a lot of beautiful cannabis-friendly women out there. Don’t believe so? Then check out these 11 gorgeous ganja girls of Instagram.

Weed-smoking ladies are the bomb. Not only do they know how to have fun, but they are also pretty chill. Nothing is sexier than a woman who shares her love for the herb. Whether they spark a blunt or inhale massive rips from a bong, they can look damn good while doing so. Indeed, there are a lot of beautiful cannabis-friendly women out there. Don’t believe so? Then check out these 11 gorgeous ganja girls of Instagram.

1. @thisiskrissyperry

If you’re a sucker for blondes, then you’ll fall in love with Krissy Perry. Not only does her Instagram feature beautiful buds, but also her gorgeous self smoking the ganja.

Rather than overexposing herself, Krissy keeps it classy. Because she’s a natural beauty, it’s hard to find a picture of her where she doesn’t look fabulously stunning.

2. @imcannabess

Indeed, Bess Byers is a heartthrob. In addition to her interest in the herb, Byers enjoys photography.

In fact, her Instagram is filled with tons of awesome pictures. Not to mention, there are some great cannabis shots as well. Goodluck figuring out which looks more incredible, though, the weed or Bess.

3. @mfjane

Our very own paradise ???? One if my favorite summer hikes with.. ?@imcannabess ? #weedbae #adventurevisuals #missingsummer #pnwonderland #imcannabess #winteriscoming ☃

A post shared by Moreta Fiona ? (@mfjane) on

Although there aren’t a lot of photos on her account, it doesn’t take many to notice Moreta Fiona and her good looks. From bongs to joints, Fiona enjoys it all.

4. @misscannabiscourtney

Inhale the good shit ? exhale the bullshit ? @shinepapers —————————————————-#shinepapers #shine #wovenblunt #girlsgoneweed #dankdivas #ganjagoddess #weedstagram420 #weedwomen #marijuanamodel #marijuanamodels #maryjmaidens #girlswhosmokeweed #kusharmy #kushqueens #cannabissociety #cannabiscommunity #stonerfam #stonergram #stonergirl #stonersdaily #stonersbelike #cannabisqueenz #cannabisqueens #highsociety #weedfeed #dank #dankfeed #highview

A post shared by Queen Courtney?? (@misscannabiscourtney) on

Courtney Weis just so happens to be a budtender, so you know she knows her stuff. It’s great to find a woman that smokes weed. But it’s even better to find a beautiful one that is informed about what she’s consuming.

5. @geminicrystalgypsy

As can be seen, Audrinna D Morales is quite lovely. When she’s not working as a freelance model, Morales likes to light up and look gorgeous while doing so.

6. @california_budz

Morning Loves!! Be sure to look out for my lastest YouTube video, link is in my bio?. Started my day off with crumble from HYH Society @hyhsociety and mini dabber The RigStick @therigstick . How do you start your day?? P.S. please feel free to ask any non-cannabis related questions too!!! Have a great day IG…?☝????

A post shared by Stay Lifted ?? (@california_budz) on

In fact, you’ve probably seen this pretty lady a time or two on the HERB Facebook page. You won’t find her doing any fancy poses. But you will find her taking selfies on Instagram with bongs, dab rigs, and more.

7. @ganjjagoddesss

Do what you want, do what you please, do whatever will help you sleep? • • • • #makeup#limecrime#anastasiabeverlyhills#brows

A post shared by Makena // 18 (@ganjjagoddesss) on

Not only is Makena beautiful, so are the places she gets high. From sunny beaches to smack dab in the middle of the woods, Makena will toke on the herb anywhere.

She doesn’t think smoking weed is sexy. However, she does believe that it’s attractive to have confidence in doing what you love, even if it’s as simple as getting high.

8. @trippy.treez

Teresa is one stunning weed smoker. Not to mention, she’s a writer, host, model, and YouTuber. Also, she likes yoga and is pretty great at striking a pose.

9. @jonesy_dabs

Cannabis promoter and a model, what more could you want in a woman? Just look at her. DabberQueen is a real beauty.

10. @sativaball

⠀⠀✨Aspire For Higher✨ #bluntedobjects #cannabiscommunity #highclass

A post shared by sativaball (@sativaball) on

If you think women who smoke weed aren’t sexy, then check out sativaball. She will surely change your mind.

11. @thiscannabislife

What makes Morgan Leigh English so attractive is her passion for ending the stigma surrounding weed smokers. As can be seen on her Instagram, she isn’t doing a bad job.

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