This Huge 24 Karat Gold Joint Is The Blingest You’ve Ever Seen

You need to watch the Weed Guy roll an epic joint out of papers made from 24 karat gold.

Have you ever seen a gold joint? Well, it is actually a real thing. In this video, The Weed Guy rolls an epic joint out of papers that are made out of 24 karat gold. It’s a pretty cool party trick to be able to show up at a party with a joint that literally looks like pure gold, especially if you can roll one as big as the one in this video.

You can skip to 11 minutes and 15 seconds in to see the size of the joint that they roll with these gold papers. It looks about the same size as the guys arm. He even says it took him a few hours to put the thing together. Well, the thing actually looks to smoke pretty good! Check out the video below.

What’s more expensive? The weed or the papers?

Well, at around $55 for a packet of 12 sheets of gold rolling papers, what is more expensive? Well, in this video they seem to agree that the papers cost more than the weed that they used to roll the joint! And needless to say, you would need a lot of papers to roll a joint that big.

What do you think about smoking pure gold? Let us know your thoughts on our social media or in the comments section below.

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April 09, 2016
Written by Sera Jane Ghaly

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