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Bob Marley performing live on stage (Photo by Gai Terrell/Redferns)

culture | 01.01.2022

‘Bob Marley’s Famous Cold Tea’ Now Contains CBD

The Marley family believes this is a “huge step forward” in the CBD movement.

You may recall seeing Mellow Mood beverages in convenience stores or bodega fridges. They’re the cannabis-free drinks that sported Bob Marley’s legendary smile. The drinks produce similar side-effects to that of CBD and have done so long before the cannabinoid became the hot topic it is today.

Now that hemp is no longer illegal, Mellow Mood products are making the leap into the cannabis space as well. USA Today reports that the drink manufacturer will be selling CBD-infused versions of their famous cold tea beverages.

The CBD-infused drinks are set to contain 25mg of CBD. The concoction will also include the regular extracts included in the CBD-free version of the drink including passionflower, chamomile flowers, Valerian root, and lemon balm. The CBD-infused cold-teas will also be available in a variety of flavors, including herbal honey, peach raspberry, and lemon raspberry.

Considering that the drink is caffeine-free and contains CBD, it’s a perfect option for people who need to relax, sleep, or deal with any ailments CBD is credited to alleviate.

The CBD-infused drinks will be sold in Michigan, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado this spring.

Other CBD-infused Mellow Mood drinks are set to hit stores too, including a line of CBD-infused cold brews and yerba mates.

Mellow Mood’s manufacturer, the Denver, Colorado-based New Age Beverages, purchased Marley Beverage Company in 2016. However, the company is still backed by the Marley estate, who’ve managed to keep the family name alive through music and business ventures.

“We are happy to work with New Age to bring the positive benefits of CBD to both our loyal following and those who are new to the CBD movement,” Bob and Rita Marley’s daughter, Cedella, said in a statement. “The Marley brand deeply connects with people around the world, and combining the positive benefits of the herb with a relaxation tea is a huge step forward.”

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Young men showing a banner dedicated to Bob Marley. (Photo by Adriano Alecchi/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images)

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