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culture | 12.05.2019

Are Some Montreal Dispensaries Giving Out Free Weed For Christmas?

Cannabis Culture wants to give special Christmas presents to those Montreal patrons willing to show their support for cannabis legalization.

After opening more illegal dispensaries in Montreal last week, the famous Cannabis Culture received tremendous backlash from Mayor Denis Coderre. He warned the franchise to stop expanding and to cease the illegal business they were operating, or face serious penalties from the government. Rather any halt services, Cannabis Culture pressed on and had eight stores raided over the weekend, with arrests to follow.

No tolerance in Montreal

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Now, to further upset their local government, Cannabis Culture has decided to pass out free goodies to patrons during Christmas.

Owners Jodi and Marc Emery currently own and operate more than 22 Cannabis Culture locations across Montreal and the surrounding areas. The supply cannabis products to medical and recreational customers, but do so illegally.

Under Canada’s medical cannabis laws, any type of dispensary like this is illegal. Patients must receive their medication through the government and recreational use is still strictly forbidden.

Despite the regulations, the Emerys think the laws are unjust and are doing everything in their power to buck the system.

Last week, the couple opened two new locations, with ten more planned before the end of the year. Upon their opening, Mayor Denis Coderre took to his Twitter page and openly denounced their business, saying he has zero tolerance for illegal cannabis operations.

As promised, over the weekend Cannabis Culture suffered a series of arrests and raids. Rather than halting business right then, Cannabis Culture has only taken steps to grow faster and stronger, refusing to be scared off by the government.

While they understand what they’re doing is technically illegal, the Emerys believe nothing will change unless people stand up against unfair laws and openly defy them, regardless of the consequence they might face.

Christmas special

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In a press release passed out Tuesday, Cannabis Culture announced that they would be continuing operations, despite the government interference they experienced over the weekend.

Their stores are still open and will stay that way as long as customers keep coming. Furthermore, they plan to hand out some special presents to customers who want to show their support for cannabis legalization.

Cannabis Culture has set up a special email address, where supporters can submit their names and emails address. Anyone who submits their name to support recreational legalization in Canada will receive a special “Christmas Gift” from the company.

While they have yet to announce exactly what the gift will be, more than likely it’s cannabis-related.

As the Mayor and local government continue to take steps to halt Cannabis Cultures operations, it seems unlikely they will be successful. In addition to wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars conducting the raids and the aftermath of paperwork and jailing the arrested, the government is going against the will of the people.

While it might not yet be legal, the population has already proven that they want the right to purchase cannabis from dispensaries like Cannabis Culture.

Rather than continue to fight against legalization, it’s time Canada steps up and makes some serious changes to their outdated regulations.

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