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culture | 12.05.2019

Meet Your New Hero: This Guy Gets Paid To Smoke Weed

Russ Hudson has a job that most of us only dream of. He gets paid to smoke weed. Check out the video to see how he manages to live the dream.

Russ Hudson has a job that most of us only dream of. He gets paid to smoke weed. There happens to be a need in the market for comprehensive analysis and subjective review of the experience each strain provides, and Russ is the man to do it.

How Russ Hudson found a purpose in Spain

Spain boasts about 300 smoking clubs, with or without licenses. The liberal laws there allow you to join a club and use the plant there or take up to 5 grams a day home. Yet transportation and cultivation remain illegal, and so a legal limbo continues.

Russ and his wife decided several years ago to expand their cannabis business abroad. They saw promise in Spain and after visiting his first cannabis club there, Russ says:

I went to my first one and realized that I had inadvertently moved to what would be a professional and personal heaven.

Taking a fun job seriously

Russ goes to cannabis clubs and performs detailed reviews of their strains, then posts them online. He has even developed his own 5-part review method. It consists of:

  1. Appearance: Grading the look and feel of the bud
  2. Aroma: How does the bud smell whole and when broken open
  3. Flavor: Russ details the notes, flavors, and highlights of the herb
  4. Potency: (How high it gets you, what kind of high you feel, where in the body you feel it, and how it spreads as it develops)
  5. Duration: How long the high lasts, and how it degrades

His reviews can make or break a club, and a strain. The Russ Hudson seal of approval means a lot and gives a professional smoker’s view on exactly what the herb’s experience offers.

The next step

Once the review is done, Russ uploads his work onto his website, For him, cannabis is more than a career, it is a way of life. It helps him with his PTSD, his running, his work, and his life.

We should be able to be free to have the choice to use marijuana, because it’s my right as a person and also as I strongly believe and often say that recreational use IS medical use. It’s all the same.

Would you quit your current job to review weed strains for a living? Do you agree that all use is medical use? Tell us on social media or in the comments below.

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