Say hello to odorless marijuana and tasteless cannabutter. Will this mean big problems for enforcement?

This cannabis chef has invented a way of making odorless marijuana and tasteless cannabutter. It’s the start of a new innovation in cannabis culinary.

May 30, 2015 - HERB

Sure, we all love the smell of marijuana. And sure, a lot of us love the taste of marijuana. But what if a cannabis chef was able to completely mask the smell of marijuana and create a tasteless cannabutter? Well, a cannabis chef has.

“Jeff The 420 Chef” has invented a way of neutralizing the smell of cannabis and even though there is no flavor, the THC is still intact.

Jeff hopes that this invention will revolutionize the culinary sector of the cannabis industry.

Will odorless marijuana enable consumers and patients to smoke and carry the herb inconspicuously? What about tasteless edibles — could this be dangerous, or perhaps disappoint the cannabis-consuming purists? We shall see.

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