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These 11 Awesome Songs Will Totally Enhance Your High

Lucky for you, we keep the tunes spinning to give you more songs to enhance your high. Presenting, 11 songs you should smoke weed to.

If you’re like most cannabis users, you probably have created what you deem to be the best weed playlist EVER. Lucky for you, we keep the tunes spinning to give you more songs to enhance your high. Presenting, 11 songs you should listen to when you’re smoking weed.

St. Ides, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Debuting on the sophomore album from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, this song vibes. It’s the song that plays in the background of a movie while the main characters huddle in the woods, taking deep puffs on poorly rolled joints. It’s a thoughtful mellowing gem.

All I Really Need, Vindata and Kenzie May

Kenzie May’s sensuous vocals and the perfect beat from Vindata – you can’t ask for much more in a song on your playlist. This song rides the line of chill and upbeat oh so beautifully.

Youforia, Mac Miller

An oldie but a goodie. Sung by artist Mac Miller – a known friend to the cannabis community. Maybe this song is about a hot girl, but that hot girl could be weed. The bass in this song rocks, as Mac’s dreamy vocals blend with each sound. Definitely a song you can get lost in during a smoke sesh.

Sleepyhead, Passion Pit

Yes, Passion Pit made the list, for obvious reasons. The momentum of this song will get the party started, without a doubt. Just nod your head to that synth and sing along.

Guillotine, Jon Bellion

The sounds in this song. Again, the sounds in this song. Jon Bellion is a master lyricist and producer – you’ll surely be both surprised and impressed with every passing second. However you enjoy your weed, listening to this song will perfect the experience.

Sway (Chainsmokers Remix), Anna of the North

A remix from The Chainsmokers that you may not have heard! While they’ve recently had smash hits, this remix will always be one of their best. The vocals from Anna of the North flow astoundingly with this beat. TAKE. A. PUFF. AND. WAIT. FOR. THE. DROP.

Alaska, Maggie Rogers

By emerging artist Maggie Rogers, this song is going to make you want to sit in nature with your weed. It’s chill. It’s mellow. It’s a song about adventure featuring some killer instrumentals. So go be adventurous, with your joint, rig, or bong.

Out of Love, Two Friends, Cosmos & Creature

The saxophone in this song practically begs you to take a hit. Two Friends and Cosmos & Creature have made a bangin’ tune that pairs perfectly with weed – it’s a fact you really can’t deny.

Good Ride, Andy Frasco & the U.N.

If you’re strumming along to a fake guitar when this comes on, you’re doing it right. Andy Frasco & the U.N. get you in that happy-summer kinda mood. Perfect for a toke with your friends after a long day.

Magnetic (AObeats Remix), Annabel Jones

This is a song that will probably make it onto many of your playlists. Annabel Jones is a talented artist, as seen through the flow of the lyrics. AObeats puts a wonderful touch on the song, the kind that will make you want to put it on repeat – it’s a mind-blowing kind of remix perfect to enjoy while you’re enjoying weed.

Chris Brownin’, High

High brings us a feel-good track. The beat and vocals compliment any scenario involving cannabis, really! We dare ya to not dance.

There you have it, 11 awesome songs to smoke weed to – a little something for everyone, all in the name of weed.

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