Green Is The New Black: How Weed Became The Fashion Industry’s Latest Must-Have

The fashion industry is embracing the herb and sending it walking down the runway. From models to actresses, weed is becoming the new black.

Jan 23, 2017 - Brittney Sanger

Back in the 90s, “Heroin Chic” was the ultimate fashion trend, made famous by Kate Moss. Today, celebrities are embracing a more fashionable substance: cannabis. In fact, the fashion industry as a whole is embracing the herb and sending it walking down the runway. From models to actresses, weed is becoming the new black.

Weed is the new black

Is Weed The 1 Does Weed Make You Stupid?
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When some people think of pot attire, they typically think of cheesy stoner shirts and Rastafarian beenies. On the contrary, cannabis fashion is becoming chicer – and less stoner-like.

Although representing cannabis on your clothing is nothing new, it’s a lot more stylish than it used to be. Not to mention, today’s trending pot pieces are making people look like normal human beings, rather than a bunch of burnouts.

From Miley Cyrus rocking the herb on stage to Rihanna sporting weed jewelry, cannabis isn’t just traditional to smoke these days. As a matter of fact, pot is becoming increasingly popular within the fashion industry as well.

Now that it’s 2017, people other than your lazy stoner neighbor are wearing weed-friendly attire. Indeed, green is becoming the new black.

Despite the stigma surrounding cannabis, the herb is taking over the world of fashion. In addition to the luxe weed accessories you can buy, like gold rolling papers, cannabis is also making an impact on designers like Alexander Wang.

Mary Jane meets fashion

Is Weed The 2 Does Weed Make You Stupid?
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The fashion world has been toying around with weed for awhile now. However, nothing as been quite as stylish as what Alexander Wang is putting out today.

Alexander Wang is one of the hottest designers around, and during his autumn 2016 show, he sent cannabis walking down the runway in a collection that featured coats, mini-skirts, and beautiful laser-cut dresses.

These gorgeous weed-friendly pieces even made their way onto live television. Margot Robbie wore one of the dresses from the collection when she hosted Saturday Night Live.

Vivienne Westwood shocked the front row after sending a model down the runway wearing a leaf-print dress at her Spring 2010 show.

Then, there’s Baja East, who decided to kick things up a notch. Not only did they send their models walking with vape pens, but also leaf-embellished jewelry.

Speaking of jewelry, Jacquie Aiche, an LA jewelry brand, has an entire collection dedicated to cannabis. The ‘Sweet Leaf Collection,’ in particular, features items like clutches and hoop earrings. Stars, including Vanessa Hudgens and Justin Beiber, have been caught wearing pieces from the same collection.

In fact, cannabis also made its way into photography. Steven Klein, in particular, shot several hemp-happy images for Alexander Wang’s spring 2016 campaign. Not only did they feature some of the best models in the industry, but also rappers like Snoop and Lil Yachty.

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