Weed Scale App – Weigh Your Weed With Your Smartphone

This weed sale app for your Android smartphone which allows you to weigh your weed on your mobile phone.
Weed Scale App

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This is a great little application for your Android smartphone which allows you to weigh your weed on your mobile phone. This means you don’t actually ever have to get ripped off by a dealer again because you can weigh it right then and there.

This application also comes with other handy features. If you weigh your weed out when you buy it, it actually sends you 420 alerts to remind you that it´s almost time to buy weed again.

This app is literally a stoner´s best friend. If you´re a kind of stoner with arts and crafts habits, this app is also appropriate for measuring small quantities of anything, such as nails, jewelry and needles.

How does it work?

How does the weed scale work?

According to the notice written by the publishers of this application, it should be very easy to use if you simply follow the calibration instructions. It involves putting your phone on a bag of chips, putting a coin on it and calibrating it to the coin. Then you can put anything on a coin and weigh it out, including your weed.

However, be aware that your smartphone does not actually have a scale inside of it, and downloading the app doesn´t effectively download a scale. The application uses the phones gyroscope to make estimations of weight, and that is what is presented on your phone screen! So this is not the most accurate way to weigh out your goodies, but it´s a good guide!

Grab the app here and weigh it before you pop it int you PAX 3.

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August 14, 2019 — Last Updated September 12, 2019
Written by Sera Jane Ghaly
August 14, 2019 — Last Updated September 12, 2019
Written by Sera Jane Ghaly
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