Strains Sense: Best Strains For The Winter Holidays

These are the best strains to get you in the holiday spirit.

The holidays are right around the corner. Regardless of the type of holiday you celebrate, a little quality weed will go a long way in sparking the festive spirit. 

There are many ways to get into the holiday mood—wrapping presents, gathering with your family and friends, or jamming out to Mariah Carey if that’s your vibe. However, there’s nothing like some jolly green to elevate the experience.

Whether it’s to get you in the holiday spirit, relieve the stress of spending too much money, or give you that social boost for holiday parties, here’s a selection of the best strains for the holidays. 


This strain will remind you of searching through a pine forest looking for a Christmas tree. It provides a euphoric high for seasonal festivities, with an incredible THC content of 24%.

This hybrid strain has shimmering, sparkling crystal trichomes that cover the buds like stars. The effects of Stardawg are uplifting and can be just the touch you need to face a holiday dinner surrounded by family, as it also helps with anxiety and stress.

Christmas Tree

If you’re searching for the Christmas spirit in something you can smoke, then look no further. This strain, which couldn’t have a more appropriate name for the holidays, is perfect for this time of year.

Christmas Tree is an Indica-dominant hybrid with a piney aroma and flavor with notes of fresh herbs and spices. This is one of the most festive strains out there and will definitely get you in the holiday spirit in one way or another.

Christmas Tree’s buds are fluffy with bright green leaves and wide amber hairs. The crystals look like snow or accents of tiny lights. It’s like looking at mini Christmas trees that you can smoke. 

When burned, Christmas Tree smells like you’d expect it to, with an earthy pine undertone and hints of fresh herbs, like lemongrass. As the Christmas spirit spreads through your brain, you will feel an intense body high, followed by a state of relaxation thanks to 25% THC.

Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies is a balanced hybrid strain that could easily be compared to a packet of baked Christmas treats. 

Christmas Cookies have 15% THC. The dominant terpene in this strain is limonene which contributes to its flavor and uplifting sensations. 

The initial effects of the Christmas Cookies strain involve a slight heady feeling that progresses into a boost of mental energy and euphoria. Christmas Cookies will relax you into an ideal numbness.  

This strain is perfect for the holidays, getting you in the lively spirit. It can also be used to end a busy day of shopping for gifts or social gatherings.


This strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid, also known as Super Snow Dawg. 

SnowDawg has an earthy aroma with sweet and strong hints. The unique taste of this cannabis strain is crisp and smooth and leaves you with a refreshing menthol flavor, reminding us of those cold Christmas nights.

As for its effects, expect joy and positivity. Ideal for consumption at any time of the day, this strain is a remarkable mood lifter and will drench you with its refreshing goodness.

Kush Mints

Kush Mints is a hybrid marijuana strain with a high THC level and a uniquely minty flavor. Kush Mints provides effects that are uplifting and happy, perfect for cheering up any holiday. 

This strain has a complex flavor profile that tastes like mint and cookies, a winning combination of flavors for the holidays. 


Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a rather potent Indica strain, ideal for ending a long Christmas day curled up on the couch for a long winter’s nap. 

Northern Lights produces euphoric effects that sit firmly throughout the body, relaxing the muscles and soothing the mind. 

It has a spicy and sweet taste that is smooth on the exhale. Its THC content is around 20%, making it a potent strain that’ll keep you high for the holidays.

Jack Herer

This strain has a taste of clove and pine that will take you back to cold Christmas days in a cabin in the woods. 

Jack Herer is a Sativa-dominant strain that will leave you with energy and a festive spirit, perfect for socializing with family and participating in Christmas games. 

Its effects are uplifting and energizing, so you may feel in the mood to put up all the Christmas decorations and wrap some presents.

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