Strains Sense: Khalifa Mints By Khalifa Kush

Want to try a strain selected and bred by the man himself? Khalifa Mints is Wiz Khalifa’s newest addition to his arsenal of strains.

This new strain is a cross between KK (Khalifa Kush) and The Menthol. Everything that made KK so delicious, but with a minty fresh twist. This invigorating and uplifting strain will provide you with an outstanding high!

Wiz Khalifa is a world-renowned rapper and weed connoisseur, to say the least. His music and cannabis lifestyle are amongst the most famous in the game. Learn more about the first time Wiz got high while trying out his new strain.

About Khalifa Mints

Khalifa Kush’s success is no secret, but our pal Wiz likes to push things to the next level. The New Khalifa Mints is the combination of the trademark KK and a very minty strain called The Menthol. These strains were combined in an attempt to expand his signature strain.

We can develop marijuana plants, learn about each strain, and generally play with them thanks to the wonders of science and chemistry. Cannabis breeding is still in its early stages, and if we think this Khalifa Mints is amazing now, it might be even better in a few years.

There is also something to keep in mind, this strain has been harvested and developed in a completely safe environment with all the high-quality standards. The best way to stay safe is to know where your stash is coming from.

Khalifa Mints Flavor Profile

This strain is the result of numerous steps of breeding that end up in a lot of different aromas and flavors. It has some lemon and pine scents with a petrol base.

If you are a weed connoisseur, you might find this strain close to some White Diesel or OG Kush, some of the strains involved in the breeding. The minty detail is evident and feels very fresh but with some earthy hints.

It’s not a super unique strain, but the combination of all its characteristics helps Khalifa Mints to gain recognition and popularity.

Khalifa Mints Terpenes

Photo by Khalifa Kush

The ease with which distinct Terpenes smell distinguishes a high-quality strain from anything common. Terpenes are essential for enjoying what we’re smoking because they give each plant its distinct aroma.

Limonene and Pinene are the two significant terpenes that give Khalifa Mints its distinct aroma. These two well-known terpenes provide a fresh and lemony, somewhat acidic composition. It will make you feel relaxed but not sleepy.

This strain has a solid balance that will not alter your high, however, it will improve your smoking experience.

Khalifa Mints Effects and User Experience

The official website advertises that Khalifa Mints is perfect for day or night. It’s a very uplifting, active, and cerebral strain.

Khalifa Mints is ideal both for being productive or just for sitting down and relaxing. According to some other testimonies the strain has a high narcotic and relaxing effect that will glue you to the sofa.

According to what has been discovered about the strain, it may aid in some brain function, but it is best smoked at the end of the day when you may rest and possibly do some light work.

At the end of the day, everyone reacts differently to each strain, so sample some and judge for yourself.

Khalifa Mints Heritage

Khalifa Mints is the result of some breeding between Khalifa Kush and The Menthol. The exact lineage and origins of Khalifa Kush are not certain, but everything points to some OG Kush presence. The Menthol on the other hand is the result of some Gelato with White Diesel.

About Khalifa Kush

Imagine having so much money that you can ask someone to create a weed strain tailor-made for your tastes. Khalifa Kush was born at the request of one of the biggest rappers of the 21st century, Wiz Khalifa. After years of keeping KK to himself in 2014, he decided to offer his personal strain to the world.

Khalifa Kush was finally available After 2 years at Tryke´s Reef dispensaries. In 2022 the strain was made available all over the U.S at important dispensaries. KK has high THC levels and is mostly energetic, it has some lemon aromas and pine aromas perfect for some stress relief.

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