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A-10 Marijuana Strain

A-10 is an Indica marijuana. This heavy-handed Afghani offspring offers high THC and CBD levels, leaving marijuana enthusiasts feeling relaxed, euphoric and sleepy.

Rumour has it that the legendary breeder Ed Rosenthal had a part to play in the creation of this pure Indica marijuana strain. A-10 is a potent kush strain known for its lofty THC and CBD content. A great choice for experienced cannabis consumers, newbies might want to be careful if they want to avoid getting trapped on their couch.


A-10 Marijuana Strain

A-10 does one thing and does it well. This kush-heavy herb offers a deep body stone that relaxes both the muscles and the mind. THC levels tend to average out around 19%, with a nice CBD level of around 0.6% to pair with it.

Many marijuana consumers will be familiar with this herb’s parent plant, Afghani. This flower packs many of that illustrious strain’s desirable traits. Definitely not a daytime strain, cannabis enthusiasts should save this one for the end of the day, either to lull them off the sleep or to unwind after the rigors of the day.

Less experienced marijuana consumers should start slowly to avoid a complete couchlock, while others will relish in the heavy-handed relaxation.


Traits of A-10 and A-10 Seeds

Fans of old-school strains will certainly enjoy this bud’s classically kush flavors and aromas. At times both earthy and reminiscent of incense, A-10 offers a thick and clinging aroma that fills the room. Something to keep in mind if discretion is a concern.

The flavor is a little more varied, mixing in a sweet lemon element, as well as a little sour pungency. As is expected of Indica strain, this flower produces some thick smoke that can make even experienced cannabis consumers cough.


Medical Benefits of A-10

While many recreational consumers enjoy this strain, it really shines as a medical flower.


  • The relaxing effects of this strain have a tendency to melt away woes and concerns, which is particularly useful for medical marijuana patients combatting the effects of stress and anxiety.
  • Those dealing with chronic pain, headaches and even migraines frequently turn to this flower to manage their symptoms.
  • If getting a good night’s sleep seems elusive, due to insomnia,  this plant can be just the ticket to a restful slumber.
  • It can also be used to fight cramps, PMS, muscle spasms and other painful conditions.


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