Abusive OG Weed; Abusive OG Cannabis Strain; Abusive OG Indica Marijuana Strain
strains | 01.01.2022

Abusive OG Marijuana Strain

Abusive OG is an Indica that delivers a satisfying, heavy body high that will make enthusiasts euphoric, despite its scary name.

Abusive OG has a scary name, but it’s not particularly scary marijuana. It’s actually a mellow Indica, descended from the classic OG Kush strain. It delivers a very warm, heavy, tingly high that will be familiar to any discerning Indica consumers. It’s great for simple pleasure consumption, as well as for its anti-anxiety and appetite-stimulating effects.


Abusive OG Experience

In terms of user experience, Abusive OG has absolutely nothing to do with its name. It is not abusive in the least. In fact, it’s a very lush Indica strain with a dignified lineage: it’s a variant of OG Kush. This marijuana will treat you to a gentle experience. However, given that it tests anywhere from 14% to 25% THC, depending on the batch, this is probably best for a seasoned weed smoker with a good deal of tolerance.

The high that enthusiasts get from this is generally warm, tingly, and heavy, although it sometimes begins with some racing thoughts. Generally, though, it leaves the smoker with a feeling of clarity, relaxation, and the urge to sit down and eat whatever food is available or gather more food if there’s none around. A thorough euphoria sets in, as well. Some consumers report experiencing a mild head high, similar to a Sativa, but this doesn’t happen to everyone.

This marijuana will quite forcefully de-stress the enthusiast, and promote sleep and appetite, as well as relieve pain. These properties make it great for those suffering from insomnia, mild chronic pain, and nausea.


Traits of Abusive OG and Abusive OG Seeds

This cannabis yields small, pale green nuggets, covered with red pistils and a really generous dusting of sparkly trichomes.

It has a very traditional kush smell to it, which could be described as harsh, although some find it refreshing, given that it delivers piney and citrusy overtones.

The smoke itself is harsh and very fragrant, and the smell will linger wherever it’s consumed for a long time.


Medical Benefits of Abusive OG

Medical marijuana patients who pick up Abusive OG will find it can be quite different than its name suggests, offering a range of therapeutic qualities.

  • This medical cannabis strain will make patients deeply hungry regardless of whatever appetite loss is present
  • Immediate tranquilizing effects may provide emergency aid to the chronic insomniac
  • Indica-typical pain-relieving effects good for those dealing with headaches, joint pain, and so on

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