Apollo 13 Weed; Apollo 13 Cannabis Strain; Apollo 13 Hybrid Marijuana Strain
strains | 01.01.2022

Apollo 13 Marijuana Strain

Apollo 13 is a rare Hybrid marijuana strain from Brothers Grimm. This strain’s herbal flavors will leave marijuana consumers feeling energized, creative and focused.

Apollo 13 is an acclaimed Hybrid from legendary breeders Brothers Grimm. This strain is coveted by its fans thanks to its rarity — with only 500 seeds produced by the original stock, marijuana enthusiasts are left to hunt down cuttings. This Sativa-dominant strain is worth the effort, however, with its near euphoric effects and sweet, peppery flavors.


Apollo 13 Experience

Apollo 13 is more than just an arbitrary space reference — this strain offers cannabis enthusiasts a potent, almost psychedelic head high. That spacey feeling won’t cause consumers to lose focus, however, instead offering a burst of energy and creativity.

Thanks to these energizing effects, this is a perfect daytime strain, while marijuana consumers can also expect to feel a sense of euphoria, making this a great strain for those dealing with depression.


Traits of Apollo 13 and Apollo 13 Seeds

This strain has a distinctly herbal, almost tea-like flavor that can be slightly rough on the inhale. Exhaling brings out Apollo 13’s skunky aftertaste that, while not unpleasant, can be a little harsh for cannabis newbies. The aroma is particularly pungent, with some marijuana connoisseurs noting sour and citrus tones amongst the earthy and peppery smells.

While this strain is incredibly rare, those lucky enough to get their hands on these large, sticky buds will be thrilled. Deep orange pistils and a heavy coating of crystals give Apollo 13 some serious bag appeal.


Medical Benefits of Apollo 13

Medical marijuana patients covet this strain for more than just its rarity, however, as it also has a range of medicinal applications.

  • The increased focus this strain offers may be a great for those looking to manage ADD/ADHD
  • Many medical patients use this strain to find relief from headaches, even though headaches are a known side effect for certain consumers
  • Those struggling with fatigue will find the energizing effects of this strain helps them find a boost to get through the day

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