Bianca Weed; Bianca Cannabis Strain; Bianca Hybrid Marijuana Strain
strains | 01.01.2022

Bianca Marijuana Strain

Bianca is a potent Hybrid marijuana strain. A three-way cross between White Widow, Afghani and White Queen, this herb will leave cannabis consumers relaxed and euphoric.

The old saying goes “two’s company, three’s a crowd”. Whoever came up with that had clearly never met Bianca. This three-way Hybrid cross combines the award-winning White Widow, Afghani and a phenotype of White Queen to create a top-shelf Hybrid. Both calming and uplifting, this strain expresses between 15-25% THC levels, according to different reports. Most tests, however, tend to lean toward the 20-25% range.


Bianca Experience

Both stimulating and relaxing, Bianca is a flower that will leave marijuana consumers feeling incredible. Not heavy-handed enough to crush plans and goals for the day, but still sedative enough to offer a thoroughly relaxing buzz.

As the livelier traits of this flower begin to fade, that sense of relaxation deepens. A warm feeling sweeps over the body, relaxing muscles without locking cannabis consumers to the couch.

Not to be confused with Bianca Fire, which is a cross between The White and Joseph OG, this flower can be a little on the potent side for less experienced marijuana consumers. Those who are used to a slightly racier experience, however, could have found their new favorite plant.


Traits of Bianca and Bianca Seeds

This energizing strain features predominantly floral flavors and aromas with some hashish-like notes thrown in for good measure. Marijuana connoisseurs will detect elements of herbs, sweetness and even woody tones in the flavor, making it easy to see why this has long been an Amsterdam coffee shop favorite.

Bianca seeds produce long, loosely-structured buds of olive green leaves. Pistils are a slightly unusual tone, more yellow than many cannabis consumers will be used to. This is all topped off with a thick coat of white trichomes. These crystals make for some sticky weed—marijuana consumers are encouraged to keep a grinder to hand.


Medical Benefits of Bianca

This three-way cross is well balanced enough to offer medical marijuana patients relief from a number of symptoms and conditions.

  • If anxiety, stress or depression are an issue, this herb’s uplifting nature can be an effective way to manage tough days.
  • The relaxing effects of this flower can be a great way to relieve aches and pains.
  • Medical marijuana patients struggling with lack of appetite or nausea may find this strain helps them to keep food down.

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