Big Blue Weed; Big Blue Cannabis Strain; Big Blue Hybrid Marijuana Strain
strains | 01.01.2022

Big Blue Marijuana Strain

Looking for the perfect strain for a first date? Big Blue is a gorgeous flower with a relaxed personality and a pleasant sweet taste.

Big Blue is a gorgeous cannabis strain with delightful pink, purple, and green coloration. Though considered an indica hybrid, this bud tends to be more uplifting than heavier, more sedative strains. Pleasant, euphoric, and calm, Big Blue provides a slight drowsiness accompanied by a pain-relieving body high. Pick up this bud for a laid-back dinner party or a pre-bedtime treat.

Big Blue Experience

This is a strain that’s hard to forget. The herb’s most notable qualities include the flower’s aroma and striking good looks. When inhaling this strain, many consumers find that decadent botanical offers a floral and forest fruit flavor with a slight skunk-like muskiness.

The overall combination is quite delightful, making this bud a great one to break out when you’ve got someone to impress. The high from Big Blue is strongly relaxing. This bud offers a lovely body experience, quickly easing physical stress and tension. Laid back and easygoing, this plant is sedative but not overwhelming.

Novice consumers might find themselves stuck on the couch after a few puffs of heavenly flower, but the indica hybrid provides more of a smooth and easy leisure time than strong sedation.

The overall high from this plant can last a while, from 90 minutes to two full hours. The lower your cannabis tolerance, the stronger the effects. Great before dinner, the strain is known to increase appetite. It would be excellent to take along to an easygoing dinner party and makes for the perfect nightcap.

Marijuana fans can enjoy this strain in a number of different ways, including;

  • Big Blue Oil Pens may be available from select brands and locations, depending on the region.
  • Big Blue shatter, Big Blue wax, and other Big Blue concentrates may also be available from a number of retailers.

Traits of Big Blue and Big Blue seeds

This weed is a cross between two famous indica strains, Nothern Lights, and Blueberry. Northern Lights is a multi-time cannabis cup winner, with a long-standing reputation for quality. Blueberry is an impressive flower as well. This sweet-tasting bud one of the legendary hybrids that parented Blue Dream, one of the most popular strains in the United States and Canada.

As can be expected, the THC in their offspring runs quite high. The plant often features between 18 and 24 percent of the psychoactive. This means that this gorgeous bud is recommended for experienced cannabis consumers, who are well-versed in altered states of consciousness. Though, the overall effects tend to be very down to earth and relaxing, making it a good choice for moderate consumers despite the high-THC content.

Taking the best from both parent strains, this plant features a strong berry aroma with hints of earth. It also presents with beautiful purple and pink coloration. Upon breaking open a bud, consumers are met with a bouquet of berry colored flowers mixed with hints of green and bright orange hairs.

Medical Benefits of Big Blue

This flower is an impressive strain by many standards. Not only does this bud have some serious shelf appeal, but it provides a very uplifting and calm euphoric high. These qualities make Big Blue excellent for anything from a first date to an easy weekend at home with Netflix and your boo.

Medical cannabis consumers may enjoy Big Blue for mental health conditions like anxiety and chronic stress. This strain is fabulous to take after a long day at work or another particularly stressful event. Many people also enjoy Big Blue for insomnia, as this strain does have some sedative qualities. But, that’s not all. Here are some additional reasons why consumers may love this full-flavored flower:

  • Those with moderate aches and pains may appreciate the body-numbing nature of this relaxing strain.
  • Patients who suffer from a chronic lack of appetite might also find this plant helpful for stimulating hunger.
  • When stress has got you down, this is one laid back indica that’s perfect for a relaxed and stress-free evening.

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