Black Jack Weed; Black Jack Cannabis Strain; Black Jack Hybrid Marijuana Strain
strains | 01.01.2022

Black Jack Marijuana Strain

Black Jack is a balanced hybrid with long lasting, head-to-toe effects. This spicy flower inspires a lovely physical relaxation and an upbeat sense of ease and contentment.

Black Jack is an Indica-dominant Hybrid strain made by crossing the ever popular Jack Herer with the Indica strain Black Domina. Balancing the uplifting Sativa effects of Jack Herer and a relaxing Indica high makes Black Jack a great choice for any time of day, while its high THC levels and long-lasting effects make it a popular choice among medical marijuana patients, especially those suffering from stress, pain and depression.


Black Jack Experience

There are two varieties of Black Jack out there. One is another Hybrid known for its fast growth and Indica effects. However, the most predominant version is a Sweet Seeds creation. Black Jack is a Hybrid cross between Black Domina and Jack Herer.

The latter is a world-famous Sativa that provides a zippy and upbeat high. The result of the mix is Black Jack, a long-lasting and balanced Hybrid marijuana strain with decent amounts of THC. On average, the strain produces between 14 and 24% of the psychoactive.

Just a few minutes after consuming, cannabis fans will start to feel a blissful burst of energy and creativity that some will find perfect for medium-complexity activities. The pleasant accompanying body buzz relaxes muscles and relieves stress and anxiety, complementing the mentally stimulating effects.

The second version of this strain is from Nirvana Seeds. Their strain is often listed as “Blackjack”, and is a cross between Black Domina and Jock Horror, another Jack Herer derivative. The Nirvana version is often described as “psychedelic” and it features a slow, physical high which many marijuana consumers enjoy.


Traits of Black Jack and Black Jack Seeds

Marijuana connoisseurs will instantly notice the floral aromas of Jack Herer in Black Jack. Depending on which phenotype cannabis consumers get their hands on, some will experience slightly different smells and tastes to accompany that familiar profile.

Sweet Seeds’ varietal offers flavors of wood and pine, with grapefruit and the familiar Jack Herer scent. The phenotype from Nirvana Seeds adds hints of berries to that mix. The flavors are typically heavy but pleasant, with a slightly creamy taste on the exhale. This strain also features a woody, pine, and sweet aroma, a trait which comes from both parents. Buds tend to be large, and feature round and bursting calyxes.

Black Jack’s buds are also dependant on their phenotype, with Sweet Seeds producing buds that occasionally have purple leaves, and are generally denser than their Nirvana bred alternates. No matter which strain you pick up, Black Jack is some sticky weed, and will be difficult to break up by hand.


Medical Benefits of Black Jack

Black Jack’s high THC levels and long-lasting effects make it a popular choice for medical marijuana patients treating a number of ailments and conditions.

  • Medical cannabis consumers often pick up this strain for chronic pain management. Black Jack has inherited much of the body-numbing effects of Black Domina
  • However, Black Jack is not as sleepy as a full Indica strain. Rather, this strain works well for afternoon and evening symptom relief
  • This strain is also popular among medical marijuana patients seeking relief from depression, anxiety, and lack of appetite. Not only does Black Jack cause a bad case of the munchies, this strain is sweet and uplifting
  • It’s not uncommon to find that this strain lifts mood and eases away worries and stress

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