Blue Magoo Strain
strains | 01.01.2022

Blue Magoo Marijuana Strain

Blue Magoo is an exotic looking Indica marijuana strain. This herb will leave marijuana enthusiasts feeling relaxed and euphoric, ready for a rainy day or a quiet night in.

Not to be confused with Blue Goo, Blue Magoo is a happy indica hybrid from the Pacific Northwest. It generally features moderate amounts of THC, however, it errs on the potent side. While this may be a little too strong for those new to the herb, Blue Magoo will provide a mellow and easy high for those with prior experience. Calm and relaxed, the herb will help you unwind and kick back. A superb evening treat for marijuana enthusiasts, expect to sink into a dreamy and contented bliss. 

Blue Magoo Experience

A slow body high is Blue Magoo’s signature move. Though, the experience isn’t all physical. Feelings of happiness, uplift, and euphoria are commonly inspired by this intoxicating flower. A pleasurable mental haziness makes the plant great after a long day at work, yet the same foggy quality also makes this an evening strain. It may be difficult to focus on detailed tasks after a few puffs of the drowsy herb.

Some notice that this strain’s effects tend to hit behind the eyes and in the sinuses first. It can create a gentle pressure in the face, followed by a comfortable physical relaxation. Muscle tension and stiffness often eases away, replaced by a sensation of calm. The indica also has a tendency to make you hungry. Having some snacks handy is a good idea before leaving on your Magoo adventure. Overall, however, it’s a happy and easygoing flower, providing a pleasant uplift and sense of ease.

Fair warning, though. Expect to want a nap by the time the heady effects of this plant wear off. A nighttime bud, the flower provides a dreamy experience that will easily help marijuana consumers fall into a deep and relaxing sleep. Yet, thankfully for many, this bud is not known to provide the heavy-hitting couchlock found in other Indica strains.

Traits of Blue Magoo and Blue Magoo Seeds

Blue Magoo was born and raised in Oregon but has since traveled to other western states. This indica hybrid is the 90s lovechild of DJ Short’s Blueberry and Major League Bud (William’s Wonder F2), both Indica-dominant hybrids themselves. The first is a fruity indica famous for its surreal and dream-like effects. The second is an indica strain that was hot on the scene in the 80s.

Great for novices and professionals alike, this plant is considered a moderately potent flower.  The strain features around 16 percent THC on average, giving it a notable psychoactive experience. However, when grown with expert conditions, it’s not unheard of for the plant to produce over 20 percent of the psychoactive. So, before diving in, it’s important to check testing data if you have the opportunity.

Blue Magoo is one tasty treat. This flower has inherited much of the taste of Blueberry, with a lighthearted and musky nature. Marijuana connoisseurs will detect a slight tropical fruit flavor lurking underneath all that sweet berry aroma, making for a palate tingling taste that’s every bit as appealing as these colorful buds.

These clone-only flowers tend to be tight and dense, with a milky white sheen of trichomes adorning sage-green calyxes. As far as weed goes, this is among the best looking out there. Deep blues and purples are splashed all over these buds, with orange pistils twisting their way out of the densely packed nugs. The layer of crystals gives away this strain’s potency, as well as making for a sticky hand feel.

Medical Benefits of Blue Magoo

Not a case of all style no substance, Blue Magoo offers medical marijuana patients relief from certain symptoms and ailments. Medical consumers have many reasons to love Blue Magoo, including:

  • Many medical cannabis patients pick up this strain for relief from pain, chronic stress, and insomnia.
  • This strain may also be helpful for those who struggle with appetite, as the spacey herb can cause a serious case of the munchies.

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