Caramelicious Weed; Caramelicious Cannabis Strain; Caramelicious Hybrid Marijuana Strain
strains | 01.01.2022

Caramelicious Marijuana Strain

With a smooth desert taste and an arousing high, Caramelicious is a strain sure to impress. Share this flower with a partner for an intimate evening.

With a focused headspace an arousing body high, Caramelicious is the perfect flower to share during an intimate evening. Fairly high in THC, this plant offers a pleasant body relaxation and strong experience without being too over the top. Yet, prepare yourself for a smooth and serene cannabis experience.

Caramelicious Experience

Producing a calming and sensory high, this strain has a reputation for inspiring arousal and a creative euphoria. A great choice for an afternoon or evening with that special someone, this plant encourages a laid back and low key vibe that makes it easy to unwind and focus on fun.

This plant would be an appropriate pre-dinner treat, as it is known to increase appetite and inspire a good mood. An excellent choice for a date, it’s sweet and candy-like aroma are sure to impress. However, if you partake in a little too much of this sweet flower, you may find yourself a little drowsy.

Marijuana fans can enjoy this strain in a number of different ways, including;

  • Caramelicious Oil Pens may be available from select brands, depending on the region.
  • Caramelicious shatter, Caramelicious wax, and other Caramelicious concentrates may also be available from a number of retailers.

Traits of Caramelicious and Caramelicious seeds

Honey-like and delicious, this sweet tasting flower is an indica hybrid that can be hard to spot. A cross between Maple Leaf Indica, Blue Black, and Afghan Kush, their offspring can be difficult to put down.

While seeds from this strain can be found online, this plant can a bit of an enigma. As the perfect compliment to its dessert-like flavor, this flower has a beautiful appearance. Buds tend to be long, dense, and pointy. Yet, they also feature a striking bouquet of green, red, and purple coloration.

Fairly high in THC, this flower can produce between 17 and 20 percent of the psychoactive. Best for those with prior cannabis experience, this plant may inspire some dizziness when doses are too high.

Medical Benefits of Caramelicious

  • Feeling stressed out? This medicinal cannabis strain is an easygoing flower with a knack for helping consumers unwind and de-stress.
  • This strain is also popular among those seeking relief from pain and inflammation, including inflammation that leads to uncomfortable eye pressure and headache.
  • The herb may also be helpful for those who need a change in mood, including cannabis patients suffering from depression, anxiety, and other types of mental stress.

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