Cheese Weed; Cheese Cannabis Strain; Cheese Hybrid Marijuana Strain
strains | 01.01.2022

Cheese Marijuana Strain

Cheese is one stinky strain. Its distinct creamy pungency has made it popular worldwide, but it also happens to feature high THC contents. This unique indica-dominant hybrid is great for those who need some nighttime relaxation.

Cheese is a popular Indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain is a with a strong umami aroma. While this flower originated in the UK, it has become a popular nausea remedy throughout the west. Easy to grow, this strain features a high THC content and promotes sleepiness.


Cheese Experience

Also known as UK Cheese this strain is a popular flower that has made its way around the world. While this flower was born and bred in the United Kingdom, the sleepy and relaxed experience this strain provides has made it popular among consumers on the West Coast of the United States. 

This marijuana strain is known for producing a heavy-bodied sensation that promotes calmness and ease. The effects of this flower can take hold quickly, making it popular among those looking for quick relief.  Recommended for experienced consumers, the THC content in this flower can reach up to 20 percent.  

Marijuana fans can enjoy this strain in a number of different ways, including;

  • Cheese Oil Pens are available from brands such as Chem-Meds
  • Cheese shatter and other Cheese concentrates are also available from a number of retailers


Traits of Cheese and Cheese Seeds

The genetics of this cannabis strain are Skunk #1 and AfghaniSkunk #1 is a popular hybrid known for its pungent aroma. Afghani is a pure Indica landrace strain.The end result is a super stinking plant with high THC content. You can recognize Cheese by its signature scent. It has a distinct musky, cheesy aroma that smells a little like old socks. Though it may seem a little unpleasant, a hint of herbal sweetness adds in a true cannabis flavor.

The strain originated back in the 80s from a particularly pungent Skunk #1 plant. This Skunk was then cloned and named “Cheese”, only to be picked up by Big Buddha Seeds several years later. Big Buddha made this strain into what it is today by adding Afghani genetics to the mix. This increased both yield and trichome production, making this strain a more popular an stable choice among weed growers.

A tall strain and high-yielding strain, this strain features lime-green coloration and ample trichomes. Fan leaves express hybrid traits, with thinner blades than you might expect from an Indica-dominant hybrid.


Medical Benefits of Cheese

Thanks to a decently high THC level, this strain can offer effective relief for a number of medical symptoms.

  • The sedative effects of the this cannabis strain may be beneficial for those with insomnia,  anxiety, muscle tension, and pain that disrupts sleep
  • This strain is popular among cannabis patients with mental health ailments, such as depression and chronic stress
  • The ability of the this marijuana strain to increase hunger makes it valuable among those with anorexia and appetite loss
  • Just watch out for a bit of a cough, as sometimes this strain can be a little harsh

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