Chocolate Kush Weed; Chocolope Kush Cannabis Strain; Chocolope Indica Marijuana Strain
strains | 01.01.2022

Chocolate Kush Marijuana Strain

Chocolate Kush is a smooth, tasty pure Indica which offers warm, sedative effects that will slowly erase pain and anxiety.

Chocolate Kush is a smooth, powerful, pure Indica, which is probably a phenotype of the Mazar strain. This is a hypnotic, sedative marijuana that will creep up the enthusiast slowly, enveloping them with an extremely pleasant warmth and comfort. Definitely a night-time weed, it zones you out and takes away your pain, leaving you in a floaty state. A simple-minded high in a very good way. Also, this stuff tastes great: actually chocolatey.

Chocolate Kush Experience

Chocolate Kush is one of those big, powerful indica strains that is great for making your world blurry and less stressful. Descended from Mazar, it’s a pleasant downer.

At 20-28% THC, it’s either fairly potent or ridiculously potent, depending on which batch you get. So, be cautious, unless you’re a very experienced consumer. Oh, and also, this stuff is quite delicious.

Enthusiasts will notice that this weed is a real creeper: the high comes on gradually. This will irritate the impatient, but it’s kind of nice in its own way. Warmth slowly, slowly creeps over the limbs, until the consumer is wrapped in painless comfort.

Kiss stress goodbye and say hello to relaxation after some of this calming strain. Often, a strong case of the munchies presents itself, as well as the urge to slumber. This is perfect recreational medicine or medicinal recreation.

So, here’s a weird thing that you should be mindful of. There’s a completely different marijuana called Chocolope Kush, which is sometimes referred to Chocolate Kush.

This latter version is a stimulating Sativa and will not please you if you’re looking for a sedative. Accordingly, make sure you ask your dispensary or provider about what you’re getting.

Traits of Chocolate Kush

Chocolate Kush, as with many indica strains with Kush genetics, features dull green buds with rusty pistils and a fairly robust trichome coverage. The smell is really nice and keeps enthusiasts coming back.

As the name promises, there’s a chocolatey quality to it, as well as classic earth, skunk, and spice notes. So, it kind of smells like a weedy chocolate muffin. The smoke is a little harsh but it tastes great!

Medical Benefits of Chocolate Kush

  • Relaxant properties make this strain potentially useful for patients dealing with chronic stress and anxiety.
  • Sedative qualities may be pleasing for insomniacs.
  • Appetite-boosting effects could offer medicinal relief for those with gastrointestinal issues of various kinds.

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