Confidential Cheese Weed; Confidential Cheese Cannabis Strain; Confidential Cheese Hybrid Marijuana Strain
strains | 01.01.2022

Confidential Cheese Marijuana Strain

Confidential Cheese is a lovely, well-balanced Hybrid strain, despite its silly name, that mixes the relaxation of a great Indica with the loopy, clear mindset of a great Sativa.

It’s possible that Confidential Cheese is the strain with the single silliest name in the marijuana universe. It’s also a wonderful, well-balanced hybrid, roughly 60-40 Indica/Sativa. It provides enthusiasts with a lush, mellow, giggly high, combining bodily laziness with mental fluidity. Also, this weed’s taste is cheesy, but not particularly confidential.


Confidential Cheese Experience

Confidential Cheese is just lovely, despite having a totally absurd and slightly gross name. It’s a 60-40 hybrid, descended from Cheese and LA Confidential, and it delivers a loopy, silly high that’s quite affecting although not completely debilitating. Consumers sampling this cannabis will feel chilled out and drowsy, but also tingly and creative.

This makes it a wonderful evening smoke, especially shared with friends. At 16% THC, it’s moderately powerful, making it a formidable experience for the novice marijuana smoker, or a relatively calm experience for the hardcore aficionado.

In terms of potential therapeutic effects, this cannabis could make for an excellent sedative for patients who aren’t fond of the effects of a heavy Indica: it provokes drowsiness, but it’s not totally narcotic. As well, it’s very uplifting and relaxing, which could make it ideal for the alleviation of mild depression and stress. Some consumers report appetite stimulation effects, but this isn’t universal.


Traits of Confidential Cheese and Confidential Cheese Seeds

Confidential Cheese is an appropriately cheesy strain. It has a very pungent dairy smell which is extremely pervasive and long-lasting. Consumers describe it as smelling like cottage cheese or sour cream, mixed with a whiff of citrus.

Some people don’t mind this scent, or even love it, while others smoke this marijuana in spite of what they find to be an unfortunate aroma. As for appearance, the strain even looks a little like veiny green cheese, being that it’s covered with brown and tan hairs. The buds are fairly easy to break up and not hugely sticky.


Medical Benefits of Confidential Cheese and Confidential Cheese Seeds

This pungent Hybrid might be just the ticket for a number of medical marijuana patients. Thanks to its average THC levels, this herb isn’t racy enough to alienate less experienced cannabis consumers.

  • Provides a giddy euphoria which may be helpful for those dealing with mild depression or other mood disorders
  • Induces profound relaxation which could make it useful as a sedative, either for anxiety or for insomnia
  • Induces some hunger, which may provide relief for patients suffering from appetite loss of various kinds

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