Dream Berry Weed; Dream Berry Cannabis Strain; Dream Berry Indica Marijuana Strain
strains | 01.01.2022

Dream Berry Marijuana Strain

Dream Berry is an Indica leaning marijuana strain. A cross between Blue Dream and Blackberry, this herb will leave marijuana enthusiasts feeling relaxed and euphoric.

Apothecary Genetics crossed Blue Dream with Blackberry to create the delightfully balanced Dream Berry marijuana strain. Marijuana consumers looking for some Indica sedation with just enough energy to not be overpowering would do well to pick up this elusive bud.


Dream Berry Experience

Dream Berry nicely balances its Indica- leaning effects with an energizing buzz. Opening up with a cerebral high that is both euphoric and clear, this flower can be a great way for marijuana enthusiasts to turn their day around.

As this buzz fades, a pleasant but not debilitating body stone sets in. If work or chores need to get done, this strain won’t stand in the way. Instead, it offers muscle relaxation and gentle relaxation.

Despite featuring THC levels up to 20%, this strain is rarely overpowering for more experienced consumers. That said, those cannabis fans who are more sensitive to THC may want to take care when consuming in larger doses. This herb can result in some potent couchlock for the uninitiated.


Traits of Dream Berry and Dream Berry Seeds

The prominent berry characteristics are the standout features of both its flavor and aroma. Marijuana connoisseurs will delight to taste some of the blueberry and citrus notes, mixed in with a little extra sugar for good measure.

Certain phenotypes have expressed a slight diesel aroma, but most plants offer the same floral, citrus and berry scents that marijuana consumers will recognize from Blue Dream, Blueberry and Blackberry.

More Sativa than Indica in appearance, this berry’s buds are somewhat pepper shaped, with a loose-looking leaf structure. Darker than usual pistils twist their way out of the foliage, topped with a layer of clear crystal trichomes, making for a sticky weed experience.


Medical Benefits of Dream Berry

Thanks to a balanced array of effects and an esteemed lineage, this herb offers something to both recreational and medical marijuana consumers.

  • Mood disorders, such as depression and stress, can often melt away thanks to the gentle uplift Dream Berry offers.
  • Many medical marijuana patients who suffer from insomnia may find themselves finally getting to dream once the body stone of this flower sets in.
  • These same numbing effects can be an effective way to treat chronic pain or even muscle spasms.

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