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strains | 12.01.2021

Gelato Marijuana Strain

The Gelato cannabis strain is a top-shelf flower for a reason. Gelato is a potent hybrid with giggly, outgoing, and almost psychedelic effects.

The Gelato marijuana strain is a heavy yet balanced hybrid from the Cookies Family line. True to its heritage, this strain is quite strong. Don’t be surprised to find over 20% THC in this fruity bud. Cerebral, euphoric, and a little sleepy, this dreamy flower offers consumers a cannabis experience like no other.

Gelato Strain Review

This cannabis strain is a top-shelf flower for many reasons. Not only is it a beauty to behold, but this flower features a psychoactive experience that delights the mind and body. 

One of the most interesting things about the Gelato strain is how popular it is and how many have reproduced or taken some form of inspiration to come up with a Gelato related strain, like the Strawberry Gelato featured in the Delta 8 THC, Strawberry Gelato Vape Cartridge by Moonwalkr.

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Gelato Strain Taste and Terpenes

This strain’s intoxicating and strong aroma is a great indicator of the overall experience: this herb is strong and can produce some heavy-handed Hybrid effects. This strain has a sweet and bold flavor that mixes earthy, citrusy, and somewhat pungent flavors into a very tasteful experience.

This potent bud features a surprisingly pungent, sweet, and floral aroma. Hints of berry and citrus add a little mouth-puckering sharpness with this strain. Though, it tends to be smooth tasting and lung-expansive overall.

Gelato Strain Effects

This slightly indica-dominant hybrid may have a different feel to that of most Indicas, most find that the high from this bud is fairly clear-headed. It is certainly possible to focus and accomplish tasks with this flower, but this strain is best saved for leisurely afternoons like watching a weekend basketball game.

Often featuring between 18 and 25% THC, this one is recommended for experienced cannabis consumers. Novice marijuana consumers or those sensitive to high levels of THC may want to be wary of this powerful weed. In high doses, this strain can cause anxiety and dizziness. 

Recreationally, this is a great afternoon strain for watching a game with friends or other low-key social activities. The clear mental experience with this strain makes conversation easy, while the calming effects of the bud can help keep any social stress or anxiety at bay.

Best Gelato Products Or Variants Out There

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Photo courtesy of Cannaflower

Marijuana fans can enjoy the Gelato strain in a number of different ways, we have curated a list with different options in many different ways or methods of consuming. You may have already tried this strain, however, if you’re sharing, it’s probably best to give your friends some warning about this strain’s strength

The Cannaflower Gelato Sunset is a CBD strain that has the potent medicinal properties of cannabis, and the amazing and tasty, creamy, sweet flavor of the gelato family. This 10% CBD strain is perfect to ease pain, help induce sleep, and most interesting of all, absolutely rare, as it is a reserve strain.

If you’re in for another CBD treat, take a look at the Funky Farms Gelato cartridges. These use a concentrated blend of full-spectrum CBD extract and MCT oil, with a flavor and aroma derived entirely from a robust terpene profile. If you rather use a vaporizer check their Blueberry Gelato CBD Vape Juice out.

The Bacio Gelato by Botany Farms is a creamy delight that will have earthy notes of hazelnut and vanilla. Some have found a great amount of relief for many symptoms with this powerful and tasty delight of a strain.

Binoid is a very well know cartridge brand that produces a great variety of products in all cannabinoid ranges. Take a look at their Gelato Premium D8 carts, great for a milder and mellow user experience.

Gelato Strain Medicinal Benefits

This powerful Hybrid strain can offer medicinal cannabis patients relief from some mild to moderate conditions and symptoms. Medical cannabis consumers often turn to Gelato for relief from moderate aches and pains. Many also find this strain useful for insomnia and stress conditions

Anyone who needs an appetite boost will love this purple-speckled bud. This flower is known to cause a bad case of the munchies in a hurry. The munchies can come on something fierce, making this flavorful bud great for either passing around the dinner table or using as a pre-meal medication.


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A Bay Area treat, this strain was bred by the famous Cookies Fam Genetics. A proud member of the Cookies line, this particular strain is a cross between Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies.

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