God Bud Marijuana Strain

God Bud is an Indica marijuana strain originally from Jordan of the Islands. God Bud’s has balanced THC and CBD levels will leave cannabis enthusiasts both relaxed and happy.

God Bud Weed; God Bud Cannabis Strain; God Bud Indica Marijuana Strain

God Bud is an award-winning Canadian strain. Though it’s a hybrid, the effects are strongly Indica. Get ready for a nice nap after a few tastes of this musky herb, thanks to God Bud’s CBD content.


God Bud Experience

With its mixture of relaxing and euphoric effects, it’s easy to see why this award-winning weed is a favorite among marijuana consumers.

This mellow Indica was created by Canada’s B.C. Bud Depot. A cross between a Hawaiian heirloom strain and Purple Skunk, this fluffy flower has won a few awards in its day. While this strain is technically a Hybrid with both Sativa and Indica parents, the herb’s effects take strongly after its Indica side.

Overall, you can expect a calm and relaxing high from this strain. It’s mellow and usually features moderate levels of THC. Though an expertly grown God Bud, the psychoactive can reach up to 22%. If you happen to find a more potent harvest from this strain, the easy and relaxing high can transform into something nearly psychedelic.


Traits of God Bud and God Bud Seeds

Marijuana enthusiasts will detect flavors of tropical fruit first and foremost, as well as somewhat chocolatey tastes, whereas experienced marijuana connoisseurs will enjoy the rich undertones of pine, berry and lavender in this strain.

This strain has a pretty overwhelming odor — aromas of herbs and a musky, earthy body make it a favorite in the marijuana community, whether experienced or relative newcomer. Those who enjoy this strain may also want to check out God Bud 2.0, also from Jordan of the Islands.

Cannabis enthusiasts will love the intense, almost fiery orange pistils and thick frosting of white trichomes that coat this bud. There are so many trichomes, in fact, that some marijuana consumers will swear the buds are white as they grow on the plant.


Medical Benefits of God Bud

This award-winning strain might not be quite omnipotent, but it does offer medical marijuana patients relief from symptoms of numerous medical conditions.

  • Medical marijuana consumers tend to like this strain for insomnia and depression.
  • Those seeking relief from muscle spasms also tend to like God Bud. The predominantly physical high makes for great pain management as well.
  • However, if you’re hoping for some energy, this strain is not for you. God Bud is drowsy. Save this one for the evening.
October 04, 2016 — Last Updated
Written by Anna Wilcox

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October 04, 2016 — Last Updated
Written by Anna Wilcox

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