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Cannabiotix Homecoming: The Return of Good Weed

In just a few short months following their launch in the Golden State, Cannabiotix has decisively regained California’s seat atop the Ganja throne.

Once upon a time, the golden state of California functioned as a sort of stoner Mecca—an oasis filled with the stickiest of icky where cannabis enthusiasts from all over the world would go on pilgrimage in search of the highest-quality buds known to man. The marijuana policy reforms in the United States, that have taken place in the last decade or so, have democratized the access to dank. Other West Coast states like Oregon and Washington have seen dramatic increases in cannabis quality since legalization. Even the inland parts of the country are benefiting, with states like Nevada and Colorado becoming stoner sanctuaries in their own right.

While the surging ubiquity of fantastic cannabis is a great thing for consumers, it has somewhat lessened the importance of California as a cultural hub for herb. However, thanks to the return of Cannabiotix, California has once again regained its rightful seat atop the ganja throne!

What is Cannabiotix?

CBX’s Cereal Milk. Photo courtesy of Cannabiotix.

For the uninitiated few of you that are unfamiliar with the brand, Cannabiotix (often stylized CBX) is a boutique cannabis company founded in Southern California in 2014 by expert cultivators Neema Samari and Jeff Buchman. After spending some time away from their home state while in Nevada, Cannabiotix has made the return to Cali, and they brought the good weed with them. Today, the company is owned and operated by Samari and his childhood best friend Eran Haroni. The duo grew up in SoCal together, born and raised on the beaches of Santa Monica with shared dreams of one day having a weed company together with one specific goal in mind, to be able to provide their friends and family with the craziest weed they have ever seen or smoked.

Little did they know at the time that those dreams would not only come true, but would blossom into becoming one of the most in-demand Cannabis brands today in California with dispensaries selling out of entire CBX product lines within an hour after putting it on shelves. Through Samari’s experience & commitment to perfecting the art of cannabis cultivation alongside his hand-selected dream team, Haroni’s business & logistical expertise, and the company’s new eye-catching branding & creative developed by CMO Michael Utsinger, Cannabiotix has positioned itself to put California cannabis back on top. Cannabiotix has won enough awards to fill a small warehouse with trophies, and that was without having their brand new state of the art facility in California to play with.

What Makes Cannabiotix So Special?

Kush Mountains by CBX. Photo via Cannabiotix.

There are tons of cannabis businesses in California, what makes Cannabiotix so special? In a word: experience. CBX founders have been honing their cultivating skills since the early 2000’s—growing in legendary cannabis hotspots like Santa Monica and Huntington Beach. There’s just no substitute for experience, and when it comes to the cannabis industry, there’s no experience quite like cutting your teeth in SoCal during the era of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. The techniques they’ve picked up and refined through decades of passionately pursuing chronic excellence is evident in every terpy, sticky, trichrome-rich bud they produce.

Exclusive Genetics

For nearly two decades CBX has been strain hunting, breeding, and cultivating world-class Cannabis. The CBX genetic library contains a mind-blowing arsenal of rare heirloom classics, new school exotics, and CBX in-house exclusives such as Kush Mountains, Cereal Milk, Tropicanna and White Walker OG to name a few. By combining these old-school classic heirlooms with new and exotic breeds, Cannabiotix has managed to create some truly incredible strains. It would be fair to say, that the current 14 strain flower lineup Cannabiotix unleashed in California is, pound for pound, the best single source flower lineup on the planet right now.


White Walker OG by CBX. Photo via Cannabiotix.

Take their famous Kush Mountains strain, for example. This winner of the prestigious High Times 2018 World Cannabis Cup First Place Hybrid Flower Award is a cross between Blue Flame OG and White Walker OG, (another Cannabiotix exclusive) and boasts an impressively high THC potency of 25-29%. Its uniquely diamond-shaped flower has a faint lavender hue, and is absolutely covered in glassy trichomes. The intoxicating gassy aroma with its hints of musky pine is classic kush, and deliciously enticing.

CBX’s Tropicanna. Photo via Cannabiotix.

Or look at the two time award-winning Tropicanna, another example of a CBX exclusive that completely blows other Sativas out of the water. “Trop” as the CBX crew calls it, is known for its citrusy, sour-sweet taste and unique terpene profile. With tangy aromas of fresh-squeezed orange juice and nectarous pineapple, Cannabiotix Tropicanna will have you licking your lips as soon as you open the package. Its high-potency range of 28-32% makes this energizing strain perfect for day time use. Maybe have toke with your glass of morning OJ.

Cutting Edge Techniques

Quality and attention to detail permeate all aspects of Cannabiotix’s business model, and have for decades. It’s not enough to just grow incredible cannabis strains, you have to trim and preserve the flower with love and attentiveness too. CBX has known this from the get go, and for this reason were the first in the game to seal their flower jars.

Kush Mountains by CBX. Photo via Cannabiotix.

After going through a novel in-house “revolving-stem” trimming process, in which buds are never touched by hand, Cannabiotix flower is sent off to be tested. When it returns, the buds are immediately vacuum-sealed and stored in ideal climate conditions until it’s ready to be delivered to the buyer. This might not be the easiest way to go about business, but the extra care and effort really shows up in the quality of the product.

Environmentally Conscious Growers

Cannabis is a gift from the earth. It’s up to us as consumers and cultivators of the plant to be good stewards of the planet it grows on. As cannabis becomes more mainstream and the industry grows, not every cultivator & manufacturer takes this responsibility seriously. Luckily, there are companies like Cannabiotix who are committed to growing their bud in an environmentally conscious way.

L’Orange by CBX. Photo via Cannabiotix.

CBX’s indoor grow facility uses reclaimed water, only uses the amount of energy necessary to maintain healthy plants, and makes every effort to minimize the amount of waste they produce. They’re able to do this because Cannabiotix solely sells single-sourced products—meaning they have full control over the entire process. Everything from harvesting to retailer distribution is handled by Cannabiotix themselves. That way their rigorous standards can be upheld in every facet of the business.

Californians Rejoice

Finally, good weed is back in California. Cannabiotix is home, and their team has brought their passion for cultivating the world’s dankest buds back to where it first began. The days where resin-rich, gassy, California chronic reigned supreme over all other cannabis aren’t over yet. Keep an eye out for the exclusive CBX strains coming to a California dispensary near you! For more info check them out on the web at or visit them on the gram @cannabiotix.

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