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Golden Goat Marijuana Strain

The Golden Goat marijuana strain is a powerful Sativa-dominant hybrid with high levels of THC. Potent, this creative flower promotes laughter and happiness.

The Golden Goat marijuana strain may have come from Kansas, but it’s quickly spread across the west. One of the most popular dispensary selections in Colorado, this strain is potent and produces sativa-dominant effects. Expect some energy from this tropical flower.


Golden Goat Experience

This marijuana strain provides a very classic Sativa high that’s energetic, clear-headed, and uplifting. However, as a true hybrid, you can also expect some strong full-body sensations. You’ll likely feel the Sativa effects followed by a slow, physical relaxation as the experience continues. Though this hybrid is easygoing, it provides some quality mental energy and is a great strain for daytime use. The most noticeable thing about the Golden Goat high is it’s delightful and positive energy.

Since entering the cannabis scene in 2012, this herb has quickly spanned the western United States. Though it’s most popular in Colorado, dispensaries all across the coast now regularly stock Golden Goat.

Pick up some Golden Goat when you’re ready to have a good time. Sociable and happy, this strain is perfect to break out when you have company because it’s upbeat, smiley, and cheerful. While cannabis overall is associated with improved mood and giggles, Golden Goat produces an exceptionally lively experience.

The downside of this strain is that, as an energizing sativa, Golden Goat can be a little jittery. This is especially true in those who are sensitive to strains with high THC or are prone to cannabis paranoia in general. Yet, for the most part, Golden Goat is one uplifting flower.

Marijuana fans can enjoy this strain in a number of different ways, including;

  • Golden Goat Oil Pens may be available from select brands
  • Golden Goat shatter, Golden Goat wax, and other concentrates are also available from a number of retailers


Traits of Golden Goat and Golden Goat Seeds

This Kansas-borne strain is quintessential in Colorado. A Sativa-dominant cross between Sweet Island Sunk and (Romulan + Hawaiian), this strain can be pretty racy. Funny enough, Golden Goat was apparently created by accident. A male Romulan-Hawaiian plant happened to pollinate some Sweet Island Skunk one fine day in Kansas.

Potent, Golden Goat can produce anywhere from 18 to 23 percent THC. With levels like these, novice consumers could experience some paranoia with this strain so keep your dose low and go slow.

These buds are easily recognizable. Plants produces robust, lime-green flowers with a yellow hue. Expect plenty of long, red and orange hairs and a thick coating of trichomes. These golden, almost glowing flowers come with a sweet, citrus aroma with plenty of earthiness.

This strain is known to have a powerful odor. As soon as nose hits the jar, a strong sour lemon scent dominates the senses. Once you move beyond the pungency, a slight citrus sweetness can come into play.

Medical Benefits of Golden Goat

This classic Sativa can be just what some medical marijuana patients are looking for thanks to its potent THC levels.

  • Medical users tend to enjoy this strain for ADD/ADHD, depression, chronic fatigue, and stress
  • Those with headaches and migraine also enjoy the pain-fighting effects of this strain
  • Some find that other pain conditions, such as inflammatory pain and neuropathic pain, may respond to this herb
  • It’s also helpful for nausea relief
  • Its quick nature can change your headspace very rapidly, providing a new perspective on your present situation or simply helps you to forget about what has been troubling you.

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