Green Queen Weed; Green Queen Cannabis Strain; Green Queen Hybrid Marijuana Strain
strains | 01.01.2022

Green Queen Marijuana Strain

Green Queen is an Indica-dominant Hybrid that offers enthusiasts a balanced high, combining twinkly cerebral effects with a gentle body buzz.

Green Queen is an Indica-dominant strain, bred from the extremely famous Green Crack, and the less famous Space Queen. It combines head and body effects in an interesting way: an expansive, energetic cerebral quality is balanced out by a smooth, mellow body high. This makes it a great choice for any time of day.


Green Queen Experience

As a child of Green Crack, this Indica-dominant Hybrid has big shoes to fill, and it does beautifully. It essentially ends up being a more mellowed-out version of that famously wakeful strain.

Though it’s Indica-dominant, it shows strong cerebral effects as well, providing a fusion of everything good about marijuana. And, at 17-19% THC, it’s powerful but not crazy, suitable for both experienced smokers as well as novices.

Upon consuming this marijuana, enthusiasts will experience an uplifting head high that’s powerful but not overwhelming, providing a spacey, expansive state of mind. Slowly, this transitions into a tingly body buzz. Generally, consumers find this combination relaxing, but not totally tranquilizing.

You can still get up and move around, though it might take awhile. As well, strong anesthetic and appetite-boosting effects have been reported, which gives this weed some great medicinal potential.

This cannabis is available in shatter form from various retailers.


Traits of Green Queen and Green Queen Seeds

This weed is deep green and bulbous. It’s covered in many deep orange pistils and has moderate trichome coverage. Its smell is generally liked, but somewhat difficult to describe.

Consumers have reported that it reminds them of citrus, pine, and earth, but have also described savory notes that remind them, weirdly enough, of onion soup, toast, and even roast beef. But when the weed is ignited, the citrus elements prevail, resulting in an almost candy-like smoke that’s fairly smooth.


Medical Benefits of Green Queen

Medical marijuana patients may have found a new Queen of their hearts with this therapeutic Indica herb, as it offers relief from a spectrum of symptoms and ailments.

  • Offers relaxing properties which could be valuable to patients suffering from chronic stress
  • Uplifting powers of this cannabis could be helpful for those who suffer from mild forms of depression or other mood disorders
  • Patients dealing with appetite loss could find this strain useful for appetite-boosting purposes

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