Jesus OG Weed; Jesus OG Cannabis Strain; Jesus OG Sativa Marijuana Strain
strains | 01.01.2022

Jesus OG Marijuana Strain

Jesus OG is a Sativa marijuana strain. Living up to its lofty name, this strain is fast growing and potent, leaving marijuana enthusiasts feeling creative and focused.

Jesus OG is fast-growing, high-yielding, and potent. Could a grower want more? Featuring up to 20% THC, this holy flower provides an intense euphoric experience.


Jesus OG Experience

The Jesus OG cannabis strain is an 80/20 Sativa bred by TGA Subcool Seeds. A cross between a Hell’s OG, Space Queen, and a male Jack The Ripper. The result is a spirited and energetic Sativa that produces high yields in just a short amount of time.

As marijuana consumers might expect from a strain named after an almighty biblical figure, Jesus OG is all-powerful. Featuring an average of 17 to 25% THC, this is some potent weed.

These high THC levels mean the Jesus OG marijuana strain is recommended for those with some cannabis experience. Novice marijuana consumers may find the psychoactivity of this strain a little intense.

Experienced marijuana enthusiasts will love Jesus OG as a morning or daytime herb. The effects of this strain are similar to a cup of black tea, Jesus OG can wake you up and help you get things done.

While this strain is energizing in low to moderate doses, the sedative Indica traits will show up in higher doses. This creates a more narcotic experience, which may be quite powerful for novice marijuana consumers.


Traits of Jesus OG and Jesus OG Seeds

Marijuana connoisseurs will instantly recognize this strain’s typical Indica structure. Densely packed spades of brightly colored leaves and burned orange pistils are topped with a resinous helping of crystals. These crystals make for some sticky weed—marijuana enthusiasts will want to keep a grinder nearby.

This herb isn’t a shy one. Right away, a pungent, almost ammonia-like aroma meshes with notes of fresh lemon. Marijuana connoisseurs will detect dank undertones and a little woodiness, balancing out the more acrid scents.

On inhale, this flower offers up a pleasant, smooth smoke. Like many famous strains that have come before it, this flower offers cannabis enthusiasts citrus and herbal flavors, maintaining some of that woody dankness.


Medical Benefits of Jesus OG

Not to be sacrilegious, but many medical marijuana patients will have found their savior in this strain.

  • Medical cannabis patients often pick up this lemony flower for relief from chronic fatigue and depression.
  • Those experiencing minor or chronic stress may also find that this strain provides the perfect opportunity to unwind and take a load off.
  • However, if it’s time to dive in and finish up some projects, this strain can help maintain productivity while leaving worries behind.

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