Kona Gold Weed; Kona Gold Cannabis Strain; Kona Gold Sativa Marijuana Strain
strains | 01.01.2022

Kona Gold Marijuana Strain

Kona Gold is a Sativa marijuana strain of Hawaiian landrace descent. This easy-going herb is perfect for daytime use, leaving marijuana enthusiasts feeling creative.

This Big Island bud has come a long way from its home. Kona Gold shows off some classic Hawaiian landrace traits, offering marijuana consumers a lively experience that isn’t too potent for cannabis newcomers to enjoy.


Kona Gold Experience

Despite packing THC levels typically between 7-15%, this strain is a quick hitter. Less experienced marijuana consumers will begin to feel ideas flowing freely and quickly just a few minutes after consumption.

With the creative juices flowing, cannabis consumers may find this herb can help them with creative work. It may have the opposite effect, however, if there is too much stimulation around, as marijuana enthusiasts find their thoughts leaping from one thing to the next.

Many recommend this strain as an effective exercise companion. The pleasant and uplifting buzz will leave a lot of marijuana consumers energized, with little to no couchlock, thanks to this flowers slightly below average THC content.

These same effects mean this strain isn’t recommended for nighttime use, however, as the spirited buzz can make it difficult to drift off to sleep.


Traits of Kona and Kona Gold Seeds

Experienced marijuana connoisseurs will recognize Kona Gold’s Sativa heritage in its long, fluffy looking buds. While there are less of the orange pistils many weed fans are used to seeing, the moss colored leaves are coated with a thick enough layer of crystal trichomes that they’re unlikely to mind. These same crystals can make for some sticky buds—marijuana consumers are advised to keep a grinder nearby.

A real tropical treat, this floral-scented herb will transports cannabis consumers right to the Big Island. Pineapple and other tropical fruit aromas are the order of the day. These floral and fruity notes are mirrored in the taste of Kona Gold’s smooth smoke.


Medical Benefits of Kona Gold

This easy-going yet vibrant flower can be an excellent option for medical marijuana patients looking to treat their symptoms while avoiding an intense or heavy hitting experience.

  • Mentally uplifting, Kona Gold can be an effective remedy for stress and depression.
  • The increased focus offered by this strain can possibly be beneficial for medical cannabis users looking to manage the symptoms of ADD/ADHD.
  • Despite its lower than average THC content, Kona Gold can offer some relief from minor inflammatory conditions, as well as nausea.

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