Lamb's Bread Weed; Lamb's Bread Cannabis Strain; Lamb's Bread Sativa Marijuana Strain
strains | 01.01.2022

Lamb’s Bread Marijuana Strain

Lamb’s Bread is rumored to be a favorite of legendary Bob Marley. While we don’t know for sure, this beautiful Jamaican sativa can be difficult to find. This strain is moderately potent and provides a focused, clear-headed, and uplifting high.

Lamb’s Bread is a potent Sativa strain that is sure to leave marijuana consumers feeling happy, uplifted and creative. Aside from having some real shelf appeal, this strain is popular among recreational and medical consumers thanks to its classic tropical tastes and grassy aromas.


Lamb’s Bread Experience

Sometimes called “Lamb’s Breath”, this strain is a Jamaican Sativa. It’s rumored to have been Bob Marley’s favorite marijuana strain, though it is fairly difficult to find. This pure Sativa is an excellent way to start your morning. It’s energizing and clear-headed without any the slow, lazy effects associated with Indicas. Those who struggle with attention and hyperactivity may appreciate the focused, creative qualities of this herb. Those looking for a good daytime recreational strain may also enjoy Lamb’s Bread. Its stimulating effects make it the perfect choice for when you’re wanting to do something active, like intermural sports. It may also give you the focus and motivation you need to finally finish up some household projects.


Traits of Lamb’s Bread and Lamb’s Bread Seeds

This wispy sativa produces a moderately sized plant with bright green, crystal-coated flowers. Almost-red pistils poke their way out of the almost lime colored leaves, giving this strain some nice shelf appeal.

In true tropical fashion, it has an earthy, musky, citrus aroma with hints of skunk. On the inhale this strain will remind marijuana consumers of pine and spice, while real connoisseurs will notice cheese and grass aromas and flavors.

Typical side effects of this strain include dry eyes and mouth, while some marijuana consumers who are more sensitive to THC can find the effects or paranoia or anxiety seeping in when consuming in larger amounts.


Medical Benefits of Lamb’s Bread

This strain has more fans than just the late Bob Marley — medical marijuana patients enjoy this strain to relieve a number of symptoms.

  • Medical patients with chronic fatigue and stress-related conditions will appreciate the upbeat and mood-lifting qualities of Lamb’s Bread
  • This strain is also thought to do a number on inflammation, making it a nice choice for those with eye pressure and glaucoma

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