Lemon Drop Marijuana Strain

Lemon Drop is a rare Hybrid marijuana strain with lemon, lime and earthy flavors. This strain will leave marijuana enthusiasts feeling energized, focused and uplifted.

Lemon Drop Weed; Lemon Drop Cannabis Strain; Lemon Drop Hybrid Marijuana Strain

Lemon Drop offers marijuana consumers a pleasant combination of flavors, similar to its candy namesake, without sacrificing any potency. With THC levels around 18-23%, this Sativa dominant strain offers a most cerebral high that can be great for social situations or burning through mundane tasks.


Lemon Drop Experience

This strain has a fast hitting high that can intensify sights and sounds almost instantly. These distortions are coupled with an increase in concentration, focus and an overall boost in mood. These quick-onset effects, coupled with this strain’s potency can mean this isn’t always the best choice for novice marijuana consumers, or those who are sensitive to Sativa strain in general.

Those who find these effects pleasant, however, will enjoy the social and energetic experience. Definitely a daytime strain, as Lemon Drop offers very little in the way of couchlock or sleep-inducing relaxation – if anything this strain can make it harder to get some sleep.


Traits of Lemon Drop and Lemon Drop Experience

Marijuana consumers will notice strong aromas of lemon and lime when this strain is properly cured, as well as an earthy undertone. Those tones become more pronounced when the buds are broken up, where connoisseurs will notice pine and woody smells.

The strain has a tangy smoke, with the ubiquitous lemon flavor that is fresh, sweet and very smooth on the inhale, with more pronounced sour and tart notes on the exhale.

Seeds of Lemon Drop produce large, fluffy-looking buds that have a dense structure more reminiscent of Indica strains. Orange pistils are knotted all the way through dark green leaves, with the semi-translucent trichomes giving each nug a slight shimmer.


Medical Benefits of Lemon Drop

One of this strain’s unique offerings is that is can be taken in tandem with other medications, making it a great optional for medical marijuana patients, who can expect relief from a range of symptoms.

  • Depression and stress are relieved thanks to the euphoric effects of Lemon Drop’s high
  • Those who deal with ADD/ADHD and other attention-related conditions will enjoy the increase in focus
  • THC’s anti-inflammatory properties can help patients manage arthritis and other painful conditions
November 29, 2017 — Last Updated
Written by Dan Ophaug

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November 29, 2017 — Last Updated
Written by Dan Ophaug

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