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Mazar I Sharif Marijuana Strain

Mazar I Sharif is an Indica-dominant Hybrid marijuana strain. Originally from northern Afghanistan, this herb will leave cannabis enthusiasts feeling relaxed and sleepy.

Mazar I Sharif is the stuff of legends. There is no shortage of Afghani strains in cannabis culture, but this herb can reportedly grow up to 13 feet tall in the fertile soils of northern Afghanistan. A classical Indica strain, marijuana consumers can expect a heavy-handed, sedative experience. This bud also produces some famous Hashish — a real double whammy.


Mazar I Sharif Experience

Named after a city in Afghanistan, close to the borders with Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan, this strain is truly the stuff of legend. This heavy-handed herb packs a THC level around 20% on average, with CBD content typically testing closer to 1%.

These higher than average cannabinoid levels should let marijuana enthusiasts know they’re in for a potent experience. Shortly after consumption, waves or giggles, good vibes and a euphoric glow sweep away stress and negativity. Need a spark of inspiration? This herb offers just that.

Once these clear-headed sensations begin to dwindle, many marijuana consumers will find themselves drifting off to a deep and restful sleep.

Higher doses can definitely produce some intense cerebral and physical effects, making this strain one to be careful with. This is doubly true for less experienced consumers.

Traits of Mazar I Sharif and Mazar I Sharif Seeds

Mazar I Sharif produces all of those classic Afghani and Kush flavors and aromas familiar to cannabis connoisseurs. A spicy, herbal pine aroma fills the room, clinging to the walls and calming the mood almost instantly. A few sour splashes liven up this typically earthy herb.

Those sour flavors travel along the rich, creamy smoke and into the palate. These sour citrus elements cut through the heavy herbal and peppery tones, leaving a real impression on the tongue. Cannabis enthusiasts will be able to pick out a slight sweetness on exhale— Mazar I Sharif’s delightful parting gift.


Medical Benefits of Mazar I Sharif

The combination of effects make this herb more suited for nighttime use, and can be just what some medical marijuana patients need as the day draws to a close.

  • The body numbing effects of this herb can be the perfect way to soothe muscle aches or pain caused by inflammation.
  • If insomnia or sleeplessness is an issue, this strain is perfectly poised to send marijuana patients off to dreamland.
  • This strain can provoke strong feelings of hunger—perfect if a lack of appetite is an issue.

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