New Freezeland Orange Weed; New Freezeland Orange Cannabis Strain; New Freezeland Orange Indica Marijuana Strain
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New Freezeland Orange Marijuana Strain

New Freezeland Orange is an award-winning Hyrbid marijuana strain. New Freezeland Orange has citrus flavors, leaving marijuana enthusiasts feeling relaxed and creative.

New Freezeland Orange is a marijuana strain known by a few different names. Whether it’s Orange Friesland, Orange Freeze or NFO, cannabis consumers in the Pacific Northwest and beyond have enjoyed this clone only Hybrid for its medical effects and Afghani and Skunk heritage.


New Freezeland Orange Experience

As a former winner of the Dutch Cannabis Cup, back in 2010, it’s not hard to see why this strain is popular amongst the marijuana enthusiasts who’ve been fortunate enough to try it. Offering both relaxation and creativity, New Freezeland Orange is a great strain for getting things done in low-stress environments.

Consider this fair warning, however, as New Freezeland Orange will have you reaching for the snacks just a few minutes after consumption thanks to its munchy-stoking effects.

Traits of New Freezeland and New Freezeland Orange Seeds

A combination of Orange Crush and New Freezeland, New Freezeland Orange’s mix of aromas and flavors are treasured by marijuana consumers in the PNW and elsewhere. Cannabis connoisseurs will detect the skunky presence and oak notes lurking just below NFO’s central citrus flavors. The citrus fragrance is offset by some gentle lemon and dank aromas.

This strain makes for some seriously good looking weed. Orange in more than just name, these nugs are crawling with bright orange pistils that dominate the green of New Freezeland Orange’s leaves.

With a splash of glistening crystals giving these buds a nice shimmer effect, marijuana consumers who can get their hands on this strain definitely want to show it off.


Medical Benefits of New Freezeland Orange

Medical marijuana patients cherish New Freezeland Orange for the range of conditions it can offer relief from.

  • Those who suffer from nausea caused by a variety of ailments will find NFO to be useful
  • The relaxing effects of this strain can make it an effective treatment for insomnia if consumed in larger doses
  • Marijuana consumers who struggle with a lack of appetite will find New Freezeland Orange quickly stokes their hunger again

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